How to Create a Photo Wall for Your Home

A bonus of having an adorable child at home is that you end up taking photos, a LOT of photos. For us ever since my daughter was born I don’t think there has been a single day when I have not clicked a picture of her. Sadly, what usually happens is that we take tons of family photographs but we hardly ever print them out. Even if we do print them out one hardly has the time to go through the albums and reminisce about the pictures. So most of the time these gorgeous photographs just languish either in the hard drive of our computers or in the memory cards of our camera or mobiles.

One of the projects that I always wanted to do for my new house was to create a wall display of photos or what is known as a photo wall. A wall which will display our family pictures and also be a focal point for the living/dining room area. I went through a lot of options and ideas to create my perfect photo display wall and I thought I will share the ideas with all of you.

Some tips to create a photo wall
The wall photos should be displayed at eye level or at around 5 feet unless you have very high ceilings
Use similar looking frames i.e don’t go for frames that are completely different in color, sizes, design etc. You can vary the sizes according to the photos, just be sure that the final arrangement looks visually pleasing.
Introduce a focal point. For our wall it is the little white cabinet which centers the focus of the entire wall. You can also use a clock, a mirror, a vinyl decal quote or even a piece of art as your focal point. This makes the display look like a part of the wall decor.
Before putting in nails on the wall be sure of the picture placements and the overall look you are trying to create with your photo wall.
Our Experience
I had the wall painted in chocolate brown color even before we moved in because I always wanted a brown base to my photo wall. We had a repurposed buffet table which was placed against the wall and which provided the base against which the photo wall was to be created.

Then started my search for the frames. I thought about using individual frames first, customizing their sizes and designs. But the clean freak in me could not stand to think about the gazillion nail holes in the wall. When I saw the very popular photo collage frames which could hold 32 photos and needed ONLY 2 nails for support, I was sold. I loved that it was a mix of horizontal and vertical frames and it was pretty easy for me to change the pictures when I wanted.

Now came the difficult part- choosing the photos I wanted to display. I went through almost 5 years of photo archives picking out the cutest and the most gorgeous pictures I could find of our family. I wanted the theme to be family pictures so no wedding pictures here. Instead we have some beautiful shots of my daughter, my niece, me and my daughter, my husband and daughter, the kids together and so on.

When it came to getting the prints of the photos, the choice was simple- is my preferred photo service.

I have ordered prints from them like a billion times and have always loved the quality, efficiency and the service they provide at really value for money prices. You have already seen our photo book we created with zoomin and here are a few more photo products you can get from zoomin like Photo Collage posters, mouse pads, photo mugs, canvas picture, luggage tags etc

While ordering prints I simply went to my account on and uploaded the pictures to a new folder. Zoomin not only lets me choose the size ( I used 4 x 6) and finish ( Matt) but it even tells me whether the photo I have uploaded will look good printed at this resolution. Many of my photos that were downloaded from social networking sites didn’t make the cut because of low resolution but I am glad zoomin weeded these out.

Zoomin also ensures that the quality of the photos, the colors, the vibrancy is at its best when the prints come out.

I received the pictures in a sturdy cardboard packaging in just 1 day from zoomin and to my delight they even added a complimentary photo album to store the unused pictures.

Now all that remained was to put the pictures in the frame and display it on the wall. The whole family had a lot of fun while we took out the pictures, talked about how and when they were clicked and so on.

Finally the frame was up on the wall and it looked gorgeous. All of our beautiful family memories and moments captured on a single wall. What I love the most is the freedom to change the look entirely once we have a whole new batch of family photographs.

Our photo wall is everything I imagined it to be, it is a colorful focal point in our house, it is a conversation starter because anyone who walks into our house can’t help but look at the pictures and talk about them but most of all it has given a warm and loving personality to our wall and our home.

Here are a few more ideas and concepts for beautiful photo walls I found around the web

The yellow and blue combination creates a cheery effect on the photo gallery wall at thehouseofsmiths

The black and white pictures create a striking effect in this gallery wall at Laura Winslow Photography

Make your corners come alive with photo frames like Cobbler Stone Rue Blog

Large frames and pictures create a statement photo display wall at TaraWhitney

Use wall decals to make your photo wall even more gorgeous like Liluana

Stairways are a great place to display family pictures : The Bird’s Papaya

Some really cool picture placement ideas from SAS Interiors

Here is a really cool idea from the Newly Domestic Blog. Trace out your frames on paper and then use masking tape to create picture placement ideas without drilling any holes

I love my family photo wall and would love to create more such photo displays in my house. To know more about how zoomin can help you make your photographs come alive, check out their page