Women be “As Beautiful As Your Work”- Mia by Tanishq

A not so long time ago, I was a part of the corporate world. I was enthralled by each new project, assignments, work trips and the perks that came along with it. If there was one thing that put me off, it was that women in the Corporate world were supposed to look “professional”. Professional here didn’t mean much to do with your talent, awesomeness and the hard work. But it usually meant that you needed to look the part-formal, drab and uninspiring.

But many years ago even this was not possible. Because women were still finding their feet in the business world and the best way to compete with men? Well it was to look like them. So women stuck to trouser-suits, drab shirts, no jewelry, staid hairstyle etc. Basically femininity was sacrificed at the altar of being taken seriously.

But the times, they have changed. Today women every where are finding their own style statements and owning them proudly, whether at home or at work. We are lucky to be in an era where a woman can embrace her femininity and still be known as a tough as nails business woman. And here are three women who rock at their work and look chic and beautiful at the same time.

Mia by Tanishq

Michelle Obama

The US First lady is not just the President’s better half but also acts as his ambassador. For a long while none of the US First ladies had a style as effervescent and unique as Michelle Obama. She wears body flattering clothes, accessorizes with one-of-a-kind jewelry and rocks bold prints. Mrs O is also famous for mixing high street clothes with designer fashion. She is a lawyer by education, is leading a successful campaign against childhood obesity and demonstrates everyday that she is a fashionista but a woman of substance too.

Marissa Mayer

Apart from her controversial stand on maternity leave, Yahoo CEO and the youngest leader of a fortune 500 company is also famous for her colorful, bold and characteristically radiant sense of personal style. She is among the rare silicon valley CEOs who frequently makes it to the best dressed lists. She truly shows that you can be substantive and have fun with what you wear.

Chanda Kocchar

Chanda Kocchar is the first female head of ICICI bank, a Bharat Bhushan and has featured in Fortune’s List of Powerful women in Business. But did you know that she also featured in the 50 sexiest CEOs alive survey 2012 by Business Insider? Chanda’s innate sense of style has her wearing beautiful crisp sarees (many of which are designed by her). A string of pearls and jewelry accentuating her Rajasthani heritage often adorns her personality. She rules the world and at her own terms.

Mia by Tanishq
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