What’s in my bag? -A super fun post

I know, I know The Mom Views is a parenting blog and Moms should talk about kids, their needs, their problems, its solutions, their likes and dislikes, what they should do or not do and so on and so forth.

But guess what, Mom is a human too and Mom loves pretty things for herself too. At least this Mom does.

So I thought about doing this super fun post for you guys. By the way, do you know What’s in my bag is a Flickr group with around 23,000 members. It has thousands of photos with people displaying their bags and its contents. You can see all the high fashion designer bags along with ultra kitschy bags and some really cool accessories. Check it out sometime, it is a great way to pass time (if you have any that is).

Although I don’t possess any high fashion designer bag but I love my bag and its contents nevertheless.


This is my current bag- An ALDO Picketpin satchel bag from their Spring 2012 collection. It is a subtle and sophisticated bag. It is quite spacious and has few compartments which I like because too many compartments means lots of clutter and I love the padlock detail and vintage feel.

What it Contains

1. My IPAD2 in its Pink cover- Not in bag generally but for long trips I take it to entertain my daughter

2. Assorted highlighters

3. Lotus Kids Sunscreen cream– I have a banana boat one at home and this one in bag. My daughter has super sensitive skin and gets sunburned very easily.

4. A Marks and Spencer Booklight

5. A Delhi Metro Card- I hardly use the metro but it is good to have one in case of emergency

6. My eyeglasses- I don’t have any number but my eye muscles are weak and these are anti glare ones which I must always use for working on computers or watching TV

7. Strawberry shaped Calculator from Accessorize

8. Pink mini journal and Pen from Cross– I love having journals and notebooks around me for writing down thoughts, ideas, lists etc.

9. My Allen Solly Wallet

10. Super cute Post-its from London (I think)

The bag also contains

1. Sunglasses from Accessorize and its case from ALDO

2. This ugly yellow thing is a multivitamin tablet strip which my hubby insists I take but I always forget to

3. Cupboard keys

4. Big dial watch from NEXT London

5. My brother’s engagement ring box -I have no idea what that is doing in my bag

6. Lots of hair clips for me and my daughter

7. My Favorite Lippie from Etude, the next favorite from Inglot and an eye pencil from Inglot (The best I have used till date)

8. Earphones from iBall

9.Travel size perfumes Givenchy and CK Shock

10. My all time favorite lip balm from The Body Shop in Satsuma Orange

11. My daughter’s comb -She has really straight and silky hair and needs to be combed all the time.

Most of the time my bag also has a packet of baby wipes and a hand sanitizer but I think they are in the car right now.

Want to take a closer look at the hair clips?

You must see the cuteness that my keychains are

So this is what my bag contains on most days. I don’t have a lot of clutter and really keep it simple.