Weekend Links

This time the weekend linky has a mixed bag of posts with a giveaway, some practical advice, some heart touching emotions, a dash of hard hitting truth and a bit of lip smacking food. Wait, that’s how weekend linky is going to be every week. Yeah, the best of Indian blogosphere that I have read in the past week. Dig in guys!


First up is an awesome giveaway by my dear dear friend Pratibha and she has got a Four Fountains Spa treatment to gift you all. I totally entered this and hope to win because I truly deserve a relaxing massage after the year’s whirlwind and you guys should too.

10 Christmas gifts under Rs 500 for babies – Baby’s first christmas and you are thinking about gifts, Sangeetha has some great picks and what is even great they are all under Rs 500/-

Sakshi Nanda is a truly gifted writer and her perspective on the scandal that Tarun Tejpal, the alchemist of desires, has become is refreshing and hard hitting at the same time.

My keralite tastebuds get active every time I see an authentic keralite recipe and I am going to try my hand at the Alleppey Chicken curry recipe by Fabida, soon.

At a time when I am into a planner overdrive mode, I am finding Alka’s post about Calendars and what they mean so delightful! You must visit Alka’s blog for her tongue in cheek yet so “hit the nail on its head” posts.