Featured in Parents India Magazine and Weekend Links

Yesterday I crossed off one of my goals of 2013 which was getting featured in a Parenting magazine. Yay!! Yes, The Mom Views and yours truly got a mention in Parents India Magazine’s December issue. We are featured in a story about Blogging parents and how mommy blogs are helping out so many parents around the world. I am so happy to have got this mention and only have all of you, my amazing and wonderful readers to thank. You guys rock!


One of the blessings as a blogger is that you get to meet and interact with so many other bloggers, not just mommy bloggers but all different niches too. That’s why I am starting this weekend links section to showcase some amazing blog posts I have read during the week and would happily recommend to you all! These links will cover topics like Parenting, Fashion, Women, Food, House and more. I hope you guys like it.


1. CREATE THE BUZZ WORD by Parents India

First up is of course the article that featured me on Parents India. The article features not just me but a few other talented mommy bloggers who are blogging up a storm. It also encourages parents to start blogging so if you have been thinking about starting go ahead and do it now! (Once you open the link, scroll a bit down to find the article).

2. The Saree & I – A Love Story by Madh Mama

I have a hard time wearing Saree on my own and that is when I have worn it many times and seen my mom wear it all her life. Then imagine a Canadian girl married to a Tamil Iyengar who has slowly but surely mastered this art.

3. Happy Giving Thanks Day by Shefali

Shefali from Her Mommyness (I love her blog’s name!) has some cool and quirky things to give thanks for. Includes Turkey, Acid Rain and her Thumbs!

4. A Craft Box for Kids by Poornima

This is such a helpful post for all of us who have no idea about what craft items to stock and how much to stock. Poornima has done a detailed post on what makes an awesome craft box for kids and keeping in mind the soon to come Winter holidays, you better take a look at this now.

5. Oreo Victoria Sponge Cake with Chocolate Ganache by Aishwarya

Ah! This cake is sinful looking and dripping with chocolate ganache. What’s not to love! Aishwarya has the detailed recipe on her which resulted in this scrumptious delight and after taking a look at the recipe, I feel I could try my hand at this too.