Wall Shelves for Kids Room from Lakdi ki Kathi {Review}

Wall shelves are one of the best decorative and practical storage solutions for any room design. You can use them in all rooms whether the living room, bedroom or kids room.

Since Samaira’s room is pretty compact (take a tour if you haven’t yet) and we have to be clever about storage solutions, I am always looking out for products that are not only beautiful to look at but also functional and useful. I have been planning to get floating wall shelves for her room to use as a bookshelf and also as a decorative accent. However among all the Online furniture stores, I didn’t find anything that looked suitable for kids room design and also served my purpose.

Fortunately at that time, I was approached by Lakdi Ki Kathi who are an Online Kids Furniture Store in India with unique, personalized and handmade furniture for kids room. They wanted me to pick one of their products to review and you can guess what I picked. Yes, wall shelves!


Lowe Letters Wall Shelves
I have talked about Lakdi Ki Kathi furniture collection here. Lakdi Ki Kathi has some amazing designs of wall shelves. I was fascinated by the Moochh’d Mantelpiece (see below) and the Beaux Boxes (see below). The quirky mustache shaped wall shelf is perfect for a boys room decor and the cube boxes in pastel colors will make any little girl’s room fresh.


But because of its uniqueness and personal factor, eventually I decided on the Lowe Letter Wall Shelf and the letter of course was “S”.

About Lowe Letter Wall Shelf

Customized and personalized Individual lower case letter shaped wall shelves. Spell a name or if you prefer just pick a single letter. Stack toys, decorative pieces, books or pictures and display all your little one’s memories.

Price : Rs 2,499/-

Wall Mounted Bookshelves

Our Experience

It was a breeze to get the shelf installed in Samaira’s room thanks to the complete wall installation kit that comes with each shelf. Once it was installed we all had to take a moment to admire it. The finishing is impeccable, the material high-grade commercial board and MDF and it was made in a gorgeous eye-catching red color for us.

It was impossible to stop Samaira from stacking her new bookshelf immediately. She was beyond excited to find her name’s first letter on her wall. And now she has been dropping not so subtle hints that I should get the other letters too. (**rolling eyes**)


We put in her favorite books, a trinket box and on top of the shelf we put her ELC preschool to tie up the whole studying theme. We have another closet which stores her story books, workbooks, activity books etc. But this shelf is reserved for her favorite books of the month and we pull out one for bedtime reading every night.

In my opinion it is a great buy because it is made of quality wood, is handmade to order (each piece takes 10-15 days) and you get 4 color options (blue, charcoal, green and red). If you are thinking about the price, I would request you to consider this as an investment, because these handmade pieces not only last longer than the mass produced furniture, but can even be handed down the family.

Connect With Lakdi Ki Kathi

Browse their website Lakdi Ki Kathi and you can buy the wall shelves online too. You should definitely “Like” their page on Facebook because they keep coming with awesome offers and contests.