Travel the World with Traveller Kids {Review+Giveaway}

One of my life goals is to travel the world and even though I have traveled to only a few countries till now, I hope to travel to many more. I also want to inculcate a love of travel in Samaira because I think travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

I hope that my daughter develops a love for languages, becomes more tolerant to cultural difference, becomes an interesting person due to her traveling experiences and most of all I hope that she looks at herself as a citizen of the world. I feel travel is the most wonderful way to discover the purpose of your life and your life is enriched beyond any measure due to your experiences.

So when I was introduced to Traveller Kids, an online toy and games website in India which has a travel based subscription box program, I was very curious to try it. We received the Traveller Kids Starter kit which is starting point of their wonderful adventures. Before I review the box let me introduce you to Traveller Kids and their products.

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Traveller Kids
Traveller kids is the ticket with which your kids can go on a world wide adventure, develop a love for travel and learn a lot about different countries every month. If you subscribe to their country boxes, the first month you receive your starter kit to start your child’s experience.

Thereafter every month you get a box dedicated to a different country. Each box contains games, craft activities, activity book, souvenirs etc.

Apart from the travel kits they also have educational games country collectible cards, play passport kit, interactive world map and lots more. Atlas is the Traveller Kids mascot who will accompany your child on their monthly adventures. There is a cute little story book about Atlas in the Starter kit.


Our Experience

We received the Traveller kids Starter Kit for review. Although this is meant for kids in the age group of 7 years and up, we still had a lot of fun exploring the travel kit.

The Traveller Starter Kit contains

Passport kit with stickers of flags, new monuments, capitals, languages and visas. Also has an immigration stamp.
World Map kit with stickers of flags, countries, famous places, currencies and animals
Travel Scrapbook
Travel bag tag
Ten Country Collectible Cards to learn about different countries
We had a lot of fun with the passport kit and Samaira was so excited to have a passport she was allowed to play with. We also enjoyed playing with the language stickers which had the phrase “Hello” in various languages. Samaira kept on repeating “Moshi Moshi” to everyone for a few days. *Smiling*

We filled up the travel scrapbook a bit with a few tidbits of Samaira’s travelling tales till now and I think it is an awesome idea to maintain a travel scrapbook to chronicle all your adventures and experiences.

The world map given in the starter kit might not be for Samaira’s age but she still enjoyed it a lot. We tried to locate where each country was by looking for clues like “Pyramids in Egypt” or Dragons in China”. Even though I wasn’t expecting it Samaira learnt a lot about various countries. The next day I caught her teaching her elder cousin that diamonds are found in Africa!


To buy or To Not Buy

To Buy

At Rs 800 per month I think it is a very affordable way to introduce your kids to world culture and the travel bug in an interactive way.
If your kids have not traveled yet it is a good way to initiate them into traveling with the passport kit etc. Also I think it is the cheapest way to travel without ever leaving your living room.
If you and your kids travel a lot then this box will be a great way to recount those experiences and also to explore new places before you plan to visit them.
Since the country boxes also have craft activities you get two benefits at the cost of one. So your kids not only learn about various countries but also get to do different craft activities every month.
You can give this subscription as birthday gifts which I am sure a lot of parents will appreciate more than the regular toys etc.
To Not Buy

You have to purchase subscription for 3 months or 6 months so you have to pay somewhere between Rs 2800/- to Rs 4800/- at once. But I think if you see the benefits of subscribing to this box you would not worry about the costs.

Ready to start your travel tales!

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