Top 7 Magazines for Kids in India

We all would love our kids to be avid readers, children who adore reading books. But often for young kids it is daunting to start reading the books. That’s why it is better if we start them with a routine reading or activity based kids magazines because not only is this an innovative way to get them to read, but it also hones their skills at reading non-fiction as well. Kids magazines offer short bite sized articles with lots of pictures and aren’t as intimidating as books for beginner readers.

Magazines for kids also offer another option for opportunities to read. Samaira is still developing her love for books, she is more activity oriented so as much as I would want her to be a reader, I don’t want to force her to read and make her avoid it even more. If we want kids to be excited to read then having kids magazines and kids newspapers around in the house is a great idea. Subscribing to a children’s magazine not only enhances the love for reading but it also gives the kids something to look forward to in the mail to spark reading.

That’s why I did a bit of a research and found out about 7 Magazines (and Newspapers) for kids in India that you can subscribe to. I have read some of them in my childhood, some have now found their way to my house thanks to Samaira and I also found some new ones to subscribe to.

Magazines for Kids in India


Magic Pot Magazine for Kids

From the house of Malayala Manorama, Magicpot magazine for kids is very popular. It was the first magazine I subscribed for Sam and she likes to literally read it cover to cover. An activity based weekly magazine for kids that combines fun with a scientific approach. Magic pot has stories, puzzles, coloring pages, activities to encourage English reading and writing. Story features like Luttappi, Dilly and Willy etc. are a hit with the children. Kids can write poems and parents can write stories which may be featured in the magazine. There’s almost always a freebie like a tattoo, stickers, coloring book or a poster in the magazine.

Cost Rs 15/-


Highlights Genies

Highlights Genies Magazine for Kids

I recently came across this and have been buying it every month for Sam. This is my favorite of the list too because of its versatility. Highlights Genies celebrates the early years of childhood when learning happens at every turn. The magazine is dedicated to nurture young children by encouraging their natural sense of wonder, promoting reasoning, problem solving and self expression. There are stories with trademark characters like Tex and Indi, Meera and Kiran and adventures of spot which are loved by kids.

Highlights Genies also has picture puzzles, activities like making a pizza or pie with step by step pictures and “that’s silly” another trademarked feature where kids have to spot silly (funny) activities in a picture. Every issue also has bonus pages like cutout cards which can be used for a matching cards game or story cards to make a book.

Price : Rs 40/-



RobinAge Newspaper for Kids

I have bought a few issues of Robin Age and I think it is a good buy for kids that are 6+. RobinAge is a weekly newspaper for kids which has interactive, positive, informative and engaging content. RobinAge has news and information on current affairs, science, history, sports, culture and environment along with activities, puzzles and interactive projects. Each issue also includes a special Jr RobinAge supplement for younger readers.

Price : Rs 15/- per issue



Tinkle Magazine for Kids

Confession!!! Sam has never read this but I have in my childhood and I loved its routine characters like Suppandi and Shikari Shambhu. TINKLE is a fun-to-read 72-page monthly comic magazine. Each issue contains several stories, some revolving around adorable cartoon characters that feature regularly in the magazine. Every issue also contains a fascinating science or general knowledge feature, a do-it-yourself craft activity, puzzles, jokes, a book review and features on experiences the young readers have had.

Price : Rs 40/-



Junior Chandamama

Another blast from the past. Chandamama was my favorite when I was growing up and I devoured each issue. Junior Chandamama Magazine is tailor-made for young children. Junior Chandamama Magazine features activities, pictures and imaginative stories. Junior Chandamama Magazine also features puzzles, riddles and quizzes.

Price : Rs 20/- per issue



Champak Magazine

I am so happy that Champak is still around for kids. Such fond memories with these magazines. Champak magazine is a children’s fortnightly magazine named after a tropical flower. Champak consists of modern stories for children with a moral tone. comic strips, puzzles, brain teasers and jokes that sets the child’s imagination free.

Price : Rs 30/- per issue


Children’s Digest

Children’s Digest

This was a new one for me but I am definitely intrigued. An engaging and colorful monthly magazine, it aims at making learning by reading enjoyable. The magazine’s wide array of informative, educative and stimulating features like questions, snippets, curious facts, jokes, humorous illustrations and word play puzzles, crosswords, quizzes and brainteasers. It also has short stories, cartoons and competitions.