Top 5 Tips for Organizing a Linen Closet

A linen closet is a boon in every home. A storage space for all those bed sheets, pillowcases, bed covers etc. is a must for an organized house. However, for those of us living in small apartments the linen closet is more often a shelf or two in which try to cram our linens.

What is more, the linen closet ends up attracting not only linen but towels, wash clothes, hand towels and more. So instead of being a functional space to store linens the closet becomes a cluttered mess.

This has happened to me a lot of times till I worked out some space-saving ideas and storage solutions to store all my linens, bath towels, hand towels and more in one place without it becoming a mess ever again.

First of all here is my linen closet ( or rather half a closet) which also serves as a coat rack. The bottom shelf holds all my bed covers and table clothes. The Middle shelf has all the bed sheets plus the hand towels and the top shelf has the bath towels and wash clothes. It is not picture perfect but is functional and easy to maintain, which is perfect for me.

Do you want to spruce up your linen closet as well, then here are my :

Purge, Purge and then purge some more

Do you really need all those bed sheets with faded colors or small holes in them? Not at all, the first step with any home organization project is to sort your items into purge and keep piles. Be ruthless when you purge otherwise you will never get anywhere. In our case, we change our sheets twice a week and even then 6 sheets are all we need for our bed. I have a couple of extra sheets for guests and emergencies.

So think about the towels you have not used for a while, sheets that don’t go with your walls and other stuff that might be of more use when donated and you will be left with items that you truly need.

Clean the storage area properly

After you have sorted your linens, clean the closet/shelves with a damp cloth and wait for the area to get completely dry before storing anything. If you want to line your closet with anything, then use paper which is acid free and is unlikely to discolor your fabrics.

You can keep a pouch of moth balls and pot pourri to keep the closet smelling fresh and free to insects.

Folding and storing the bed sheets properly

If your linen closet is like a black hole into which matching pillowcases disappear then this is an awesome tip for you that I learnt off Pinterest. Fold your sheets crisply and put the sheet and one pillowcase into the other pillowcase. It makes a neat and tidy bundle, is easy to store and when to need to take it out, you have the complete set at your hand. No more searching for pillowcases.

In case you are wondering, there is a technique to fold sheets too, just search for folding bed sheets on You Tube and you will get tons of ideas.

Roll the towels to save space

Now I have one set of towels for each one of us in the closet and another set on the towel rack in the bathroom. Till now I have never felt the need to have more towels since we sun dry our towels and wash them every week. I also keep a couple of towels for guests at the back of the closet.

The one trick for storing towels especially the full size bath towels is to roll them instead of folding them. Not only does it save space but it only also super pretty like a spa. I roll my hand towels too and this way they take up very little space in the closet. For the wash clothes you can keep them folded or put them in a basket.

Use storage solutions

You can use baskets, dividers, shelving systems, containers, labels and lots more to organize your linen closet even more. Some items like extra pillows, quilt covers, seasonal blankets etc are best kept at a different storage place as these items are not used very frequently. Under the bed boxes, seating space with storage and wardrobe lofts are some good ideas to store these items.