Top 10 Must-Have Safety products for Every Home in India

Our Home is our sanctuary. But more often than not we have to face newspaper stories and personal accounts of how someone’s home became the scene of loss, theft, accidents or even worse death. If not monitored properly there can be dangers within our house which might lead to a sad and unwelcome situation in our life. When we spends insane amounts of money to beautify and make our homes look good shouldn’t we spend a little more money to make sure that it is also safe for us?

Safety products in India have become essential now because of our lifestyle as well as the current social environment where we are exposed to a lot of dangers every day. I am happy to introduce my readers to Safety Kart India’s leading online Safety products provider and also the Safety Partner of

Safety kart and its managing director Vikas Bagaria strongly believe in the philosophy of “protect and prevent” and their portal has a wide range of fire safety products, baby safety products, personal safety products and lots more to keep you safe in your home and outside.

 Here are Top 10 Must-have Safety Products for every Home in India and they are all available exclusively with our online safety partner

Top 10 Must-have Safety Products for every home in India 

 Smoke Detectors


Not a day goes by when we don’t read about an incident of fire at home and many people facing life threatening injuries or death due to the inferno caused. But there is a way to prevent this and that is smoke detectors. Smoke detectors can reduce the chance of fatalities by almost 40 percent in case of a fire.

Most of the deaths related to a fire are caused by gases and smoke originating from the fire rather than direct burns and having a smoke detector will reduce that chance. For basic protection you should have smoke detectors outside every bedroom of the house and preferably on every level too. The ceasefire smoke detector is an ionization smoke sensor designed to detect even the faintest trace of smoke and giving you enough time to get to a fire extinguisher or safety.

Fire Extinguishers


Fire extinguishers can help to prevent small fires turning into raging fires. They also give you a headway till the fire fighters come and extinguish the fire completely. The ceasefire extinguisher is a must have in your home since it is an eco-friendly gas based extinguisher which is perfect for residential purposes.

Safety Guard for Sockets


Kids are naturally inquisitive and when they see electric sockets their first reaction is to put their little fingers into them. Given how dangerous that might be, as part of child proofing your home it is essential to get safety guards for sockets. The Farlin safety guards prevent baby from directly touching the socket while it easy to put-in or take out by adults.

Barton Door Blocks


What child hasn’t faced finger injury due to slamming of a door? Your little ones tiny hands can now be made safe with Adco barton door locks which will make the door safe and it can fit all kinds of interior doors. The door lock can be installed in seconds and when not needed it can be easily removed without any damage to the door.

Car Seats


Recent car accidents have shown that kids travelling in the front seat will face more grievous injuries than those traveling in the rear seats. Even if sitting in rear seats kids should be secured in car seats and there have been recommendation by traffic authorities to make car seats mandatory in India like US and other countries.

Safety Kart has a wide range of baby car seats which will not only protect them but also ensure that they travel comfortably by keeping them snug, their backbone to an ideal position, protected from sun etc.



Whether it is heavy rain or strong winds the first casualty usually is power failure in the house. At such times it is easy to walk around bumping into furniture, falling from stairs or walk into any danger. A personal flashlight is a must for every home and the LED light flashlight gives a clean white beam. These will also be great for night walks, hiking, holidays, road trips etc. We carried one for our trip to Bhimtal and it was very useful in the mountain terrains.

Pepper Spray


 Given the pathetic condition of women safety in India, these pepper sprays make a lot of sense. It is a great self-defense device in threatening situations. The Mace key guard pepper spray is a compact 3 inch long pepper spray which can be easily attached to your home, office or car keys making it easy to conceal and carry around.

Electric Shocker


 Again an awesome product to protect you against attackers. When used it emits a strong electric shock that neutralizes the assailant upon contact with the body. A few seconds of  80 KV high voltage electric shock is enough to cause the assailant a sudden mental confusion and give you enough time to escape the situation.  This taser is something that every woman should definitely carry and keep at home for safety.

Multi function Car Safety Tool


 Our modern lives ensure that we spend a lot of time in our cars traveling whether from home to office or back, for work assignments, for holidays etc. But there can be emergencies while you are in the car too. This multi functional emergency car safety tool will help you tackle a lot of issues in case of car trouble. It has a safety hammer to break the glass in emergency, blade for cutting seat belt, red flash light for alert, compass, emergency charger for phones etc.

First Aid Kit


Last but definitely not the least is the first aid kit. We all should have it but I doubt if any of our houses have even the basic medical kit to treat small injuries or accidents. The QIK -Aid Small first aid kit has 31 items like bandage, sterile gauze, burn dressing, cotton roll, ear buds, microporous tapes, vinyl gloves, adhesive plaster, savlon/dettol, tincture iodine, scissor, a pocket guide etc.


How do you keep your home safe? Which are your top safety products to ensure that your home is safe and your life smooth? Share your thoughts and suggestions through your comments below. 

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  2. Nice post, and yes along with the other products, pepper say is a must have now a days

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