These are a few of my favorite things {May 2013}

May is over and June is coming in and this is the time for my favorite things post. It was so much fun the last time around that I have been waiting to do this one all month. Oh and just to be clear none of these recommendations have been paid for, they are just things I use in my daily life and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Let’s jump into it right away and see if any of my favorites are your favorites too.


These are a few of my favorite things {May 2013}


I know, I know this is not exactly a find but for me it really has been. I discovered Westside and its many many offerings pretty late. See, I always thought that Westside was more about Indian ethnic wear and since I hardly wear that I never used to frequent it. But a few months ago I had sauntered into the store just on a lark and found that it was full of trendy and gorgeous stuff and at really reasonable prices.


In the last few visits I have bought summery dresses, elegant accessories, comfortable footwear, quirky kitchen stuff and lots more. They have a great home collection too and probably the best part has been discovering their ethnic wear collection for kids. So next time you see Westside do drop in and don’t forget to share with me all that you loved. Checkout their facebook page for a glimpse of their collection.


 Treo Glass Water Bottle

I am a water junkie, I prefer drinking water over any other drink and that is why I always need a bottle of water around me. Ever since I found out that drinking water out of plastic bottles (whether food grade or not) is harmful I have switched over to glass water bottles. Glass bottled water is much safer because glass doesn’t leach any chemicals into the water and it is much better for the environment too.


I love my Treo glass bottles, they come in so many designs and are pretty durable.  They are air tight and leak resistant and they are priced quite reasonably at Rs 165/- per bottle so won’t break your budget. My favorite is the Ivory Scribble bottle which is on my desk all the time. To know more about their water bottles check out Treo India’s website.


Fab India Lemongrass Essential Oil

I love essential oils and this summer I am particularly loving the Fab India Lemongrass essential oil. I use it for a lot of things, in my bath water, in my oil diffuser and also in my homemade body scrub (will post that soon). I love its summery, citrus smell and I LOVE how fresh it makes me feel especially in this heat.

 Fab India


After a long tiring day my favorite way to relax is to put some of the oil in the diffuser, put on some soothing music and read a good book. Bliss!! Other than the Fab India store you can also purchase this from Healthkart.


Inalsa Induction Cooker

Ever since LPG Prices shot up we have been controlling our gas expenses and one way to do it is to use the Induction cooker. We were gifted an Inalsa induction cooker and it has been heaven sent. I use it for cooking, boiling milk and most frequently for frying. I made carrot halwa in it in 30 minutes and fish fry in less than 5 mins.


It is energy efficient too so you don’t have to worry about sky high electricity bills. You do have to use the flat base utensils specific to the Induction cookers but that is just one time investment. I really recommend it to anyone looking to control their LPG expenses and also get cooking done quicker.


ELC Easy Painters

Sam got these as a gift a while back and what a joy they have been. On those days when your child wants to paint but you are in no mood to clean up the mess afterwards hand over these ELC easy painters to them. All they have to do is to squeeze the bottle while painting and the color comes out perfectly. The color is as vivid as possible and looks as good as the tempera paints.


Sam colors with them all the time and even though the real water colors are her favorite, she will take these too easily. They come in five basic colors but are good for a preschooler to color with. They are also washable so in case they get some on their clothes you don’t really need to worry.


So this was the May edition of “My favorite things”. Found anything you like? If you have some favorites you would like me to know please do so through comments because I love finding out about new products all the time.


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  1. I am a huge fan of Westside too, especially their tunics and fusion wear. They have great buy 2 get 1 free offers during the sale season which I never miss!! I never leave their store empty handed – last thing I bought was a measuring jug!
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