Steffi Love Loft Kitchen Review

We are big on pretend play toys because my daughter has a vivid imagination and pretend play toys really bring out the best in her. She adores her ELC kitchen and it is probably one of the most played toys in our house. But there are times when she wants to play kitchen on my bed or the living room but because of the size and the accessories of the kitchen we don’t allow it.

When I received the Steffi Love Loft Kitchen from Simba Toys for review I knew this was the perfect kitchen for those down times when the kiddo wants to play in my room. She loves to bring her many many dolls and stuffed toys too in the kitchen and has a whale of a time cooking, chopping, stirring in her kitchen and feeding the delicious feast to her dolls and of course me. (The ever present guest at her cooking sessions)


Steffi Love Loft Kitchen

Steffi Love Loft Kitchen

The Simba Steffi Love Loft Kitchen consists of all the required items in the kitchen. All the necessities in the kitchen are present in this toy for the little ones to relate to it at a faster pace. From little utensils to a sink the kitchen has it all. There is a refrigerator with a door too but it opens up to pictures of stuff kept inside. If you need shelving the backside of the kitchen has it.

Our Experience

Samaira loved the little kitchen and all the tiny accessories that came with it. Probably the best part for her was the Steffi love doll which added to her ever-increasing collection of dolls.

It is a tiny compact kitchen and can easily be picked up by the kids to be taken from one room to the other. There food items, utensils and some food boxes which can be kept on the shelves of the kitchen. There is also a stool for Steffi to sit on and a kitchen counter to eat dinner on. There is also an apron with the set which can be put on Steffi when she enters the kitchen. All in all a good pretend play experience for kids.

The Loft Kitchen is in the series of more Steffi Love toys like the Steffi love loft Living room, sleeping room, bathroom etc. So you can keep adding to the collection.

Price: Rs 1299/-

Steffi Love Loft Kitchen Review

To buy or To Not Buy

To Buy

Cute and compact this kitchen will be enjoyed by toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners alike.

There is no need buy a doll to play with in the kitchen since the toy comes with one- the pretty Steffi love doll.

As pretend play toys go this one will keep your kids busy for a while as their imagination takes over and they have cooking fun with their dolls and stuffed toys.

To Not Buy

The accessories given with the set like the saucepan, cups, spoons etc are pretty small and therefore require to be kept carefully in a box to prevent losing them.

I wish the refrigerator and the dishwasher could be opened and used for storage because that would add a great dimension to the toy as kids love opening and closing doors and putting things in shelves.

Check out our video review below-

Overall it is a good buy if your kids want to have a compact kitchen pretend play toy which they can take anywhere with them and have lots of imaginative play time. 



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