Spotlight on RivoKids- Free Online Photobook for Kids

For Parents each moment of their child’s life is a precious one, which they want to capture for ever in their hearts. In the non-digital days we had to rely on photo albums and scrapbooks to cherish our memories. But how many could you make and where do you store them? Thanks to all the technological advancements we can now create digital photo albums, photo books and even digital scrapbooks.

Our Spotlight today is on a company called RivoKids which has an innovative range of photo books and memory books for kids which will ensure that the sweet memories of their childhood and their innocent baby photos are captured in a beautiful and enchanting way. They have combined the convenience of photo books with the beauty of digital scrapbooking to create RivoKids. When Ritu from Rivo Kids reached out to me, I went gaga over the concept and wanted to share it with my wonderful readers.

What is RivoKids?
Rivo in Italian means stream or river and RivoKids is all about enriching and capturing the river of moments through the journey of Raising Bright Happy Kids.

RivoKids is a brainchild of two passionate mums Parul Mittal and Ritu Uberoy, both IT professionals, who decided to leave the corporate career to pursue their quest of raising bright and happy children (Yay, we love Mompreneurs!!!). The fruit of their labor is RivoKids and its two wonderful offerings : Meethi Memories and Parents Picks.

Meethi Memories

Remember how beautiful it was to witness your child’s firsts- the first smile, the first step, the first word and so on. Now you can capture all these first moments and more for posterity in a memory book with Meethi memories.

Just log on to RivoKids, sign up and get started. All you need is just one picture to start your memory book. Choose from a selection of beautifully designed templates for the book and voila your memory book is ready!! You can share it with your friends and family absolutely free online or choose to print it as a keepsake.

You can keep adding to the memory book and create various pages like journal, family tree, milestones and lots more. You can even flag a photo as special moment and you will have a whole page with the photo so that you have enough space to write a journal entry.

Pricing and Prints

There are two options for printing – The Memory Book Binder and The Memory Book Folder

The Memory Book Binder is a two ring binder with professionally printed rivo pages in full color already inserted in the binder. The Binder also has additional space for kids artwork. Price : Rs 1499/–

The Memory Book Folder is a folder with rivo colored prints preloaded to the photobook. Price: Rs 1499/-


All memory books are shipped absolutely free and are packaged in a protective box to reach customers in the best condition.

Parent Picks

Moms love to share their advice and tips on what worked for them while raising their kids. In fact that was the motivation behind me starting this blog. Parent Picks is a platform for all parents to share their favorites whether in toys, activities or websites. So as a parent pick member you can add your choice of blogs, games, science experiments, books and more for the benefit of fellow parents who are searching for such information.

What I like about RivoKids
The layout of the website is very pretty and will remind you of real scrapbooks with their beautiful papers, textures and buttons.

Navigation is simple and signing up is fairly easy. You can immediately start creating your memory book without any loading of heavy software or waiting for any photo editing tool.

The photo book is completely customized and you can edit, delete or rename pages according to your requirements. So when I created a memory book for all the fancy dress-ups that Samaira does, I was able to edit the title, templates, text etc without any problem.

The template designs for the digital scrapbooks are professional and very pleasing to the eyes. They use Matte paper for the photos which brings out the best effect of scrapbooking.

You have the option of keeping the album private or public. You can also keep adding to the memory book’s journal pages via email, SMS or online which makes it very handy. Every time your child does something special, click a picture and add it instantly to the journal.

I love the concept of Parent Picks as it is a great platform to profess our love for the products, brands, ideas, websites we all use to make our parenting journey easy and joyful. So, if you saw a recipe which worked wonders for your fussy eater, share it on parents picks and help thousands of other parents out there.

What can be improved

I know that they have not provided any photo editing tools to make the process of creating photobooks easy and simple. However, sometimes you need a bit of cropping or adjusting the brightness of a picture to get the best out of it. So I hope that they soon introduce basic photo editing tools like cropping or rotation so that you can get the best out of your photo books.

Ritu has told me that they will soon launch a range of photo products like favorites which is a snapshot of your child at any age. So there is lots more in the offing and to keep yourselves updated log on to their facebook page now!