Simplify Kids School Routine With a Homework Box Plus a FREE printable

As we are starting to prepare for a new back to school routine we are trying to get more organized with our school supplies too. Evenings are as it is chaotic with Samaira trying to delay her homework as much as possible. We are usually working on the dining table and on top of that many times we spend our time trying to find the crayons, glue, sharpener, stapler and even pencils. This leads to wasting a lot of precious time and not to mention makes for a cranky kid.

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So while making our back-to-school preparations I decided we needed to make a homework box to organize and simplify our evening routine. The homework box will contain each and everything we usually need to complete the homework. The homework box will be off-limits for days other than school days and will be in mom’s custody at all times.


I had a plastic organizer box I had bought from Big Bazaar a long time back and used to store Sam’s accessories. We decided to use it to make our homework box. It has these cute bright colored trays for sectioning the box and can hold a lot of stuff. So we got all our school supplies at one place and organized it in the homework box.

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What our homework box contains

1. Crayons

2. Pencils

3. Pencil colors

4. Sharpeners

5. Erasers

6. Cello tape (plain and colored)

7. Stapler

8. Paper clips

9. Embellishments like googly eyes, fabric flowers etc.

10. An assortment of glue tubes, sticks etc.

11. Glue dots

12. Glitter tubes and powder

13. Rulers

14. Sticker stars (reward for good work done)

You can vary the contents of the box according to the age and grade of your child. Instead of a box with sections you can also use a normal plastic box and put smaller things in round boxes. If you want to keep flashcards, card papers, home notebook etc in the homework box you will need to get a bigger box or may be a basket. Just make sure that it is not easily accessible to the kids and is only brought out on school days so that all the school supplies remain intact. If and when there is a need to replace some stuff you can do that by buying new supplies.

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To maintain our homework box we have rules that everything needs to kept back after use and no mixing up of stuff. Ever since we have made the homework box Samaira has been clamoring to do homework all the time. She loves her bright colored box and the fact that everything is at hand makes our homework time simplified and calmer.

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Just to add a bit more jazz to the homework box I made a printable label for the box and for you guys this label is absolutely free to download. I just printed it out on a normal paper and stuck it to the box using glue dots but I think soon I will print it on the photo paper, laminate and then stick it to ensure long term use.


What is your homework routine? Do you have a method of organizing the school supplies or some other method to simplify school routine? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us through comments below.