Review of Yellow Bumble Box Mini- A Great Return Gift Idea for Kids

Thanks to all of you for your likes, comments and emails on Samaira’s birthday pool party. It was so heartening to see that all of you loved our ideas, crafts, party food and more. Keeps me motivated to think of more creative ideas and present to you guys! Talking of creativity, the return gifts for kids we had ordered for Sam’s pool party were not just amazingly creative but also SOOOO MUCH fun! Yes, I am talking about the Yellow Bumble Box Mini which has already featured in our 50 return gift ideas for kids birthday in India and has generated so much curiosity among our readers.


Why we chose Yellow Bumble Mini Box
The first time I spoke to Prachi Mehta, the owner of Yellow Bumble about the Yellow Bumble Monthly Subscription boxes (don’t worry that review is also coming soon!), she told me about the Yellow Bumble Box Mini and how they can be completely customized according to the birthday party themes.

There were three things I wanted in the return gifts/ birthday party favors for Samaira’s birthday-

– They needed to be under Rs 500/- each because as I told you we were planning this party on a budget

– They had to be unique and different from the run-of-the-mill party favors which were supposedly customized but usually only ended up having the birthday boy/girl’s name in the guise of personalization.

– They must be USEFUL and FUN for the kids. It had to be something the kids could have fun with and use in their daily lives as well.

Based on my discussion with her, Prachi and her team worked out several ideas for our pool party birthday theme and kept me updated with the planning process. And finally we received our party favors and boy were they good!

Our Review
The mini box was completely customized according to our party theme-pool party, so there was an organic jute bag, fevicryl acrylic colors in pastel shades, a sunglass, candy and chocolates, a paintbrush and an instruction card.

For the first time I have done a video review for a product and the reason is I felt that all of you will get a much better idea of the box in the video. I am still not comfortable enough to face the camera so you can only hear my voice in the video (croaky at that because of a nasty cough) and it is quite rough at the edges. If you didn’t think our reviews were real before you will now because you can actually hear my daughter hiccuping away in the background.*laughing* (don’t forget to choose the 480p quality in the settings of youtube*click on the small gear in the right hand side*)

Once the beach bag was painted and done all Sam wanted to do was for me to plan a trip to Goa so that she could take her swimsuit, towel and the new sunglasses in her brand new beach bag! While a trip to Goa is a bit far off we had to make do with a trip to the backyard. Cute isn’t it!

Samaira with her beach bag

Why you should choose Yellow Bumble Box Mini as Birthday party return gifts
Customized to the tee

Apart from our pool party theme yellow bumble has done a lot of exciting themes till date like Dora the explorer box which had a treasure hunt and binoculars, make your own calendar theme, Christmas theme, Halloween theme and lots more. Each mini box’s concept, ideas and contents are thought over by the YB team and then finalized in consultation with the client. So there is so much scope for your own creativity and ideas to be included in the box.


Will stand out from the crowd

Your standard party planners will have just that-the standard return gifts. I can’t even count how many identical return gifts we have accumulated over the time. A customized and personalized YB Mini box will be break the cookie-clutter and since every theme will have its own bumble box there is hardly a chance of the same ole, same ole. It has art and craft ideas for kids which are full of edutainment and will be loved by kids of all ages.

Affordable yet exclusive

Starting at Rs 350- per box these YB minis are extremely affordable and at the same time they will be remembered by your guests for a long time. The YB team tries to ensure that the activity results in something that can be used by the kids and therefore every time they use it, they will remember the fun party they got this gift from!

Here is what a few mums of guests from Samaira’s party had to say about the YB box-

“My son was so excited about the little things when he opened the box from the bag, paints, sunglasses to the chocolates it was so thrilling for him. He also loved the personalized thank you message from Samaira in the box” – Mandakini, Mom to 7 year old Chaitanya

“My daughter could not wait for me to do the bag painting activity with her and once finished she was so excited to take it to our next beach trip” – Jyoti, Mom to 4 year old Aadya


To order Yellow Bumble Mini Boxes you can log on to their website or call them at +919999538898. For offers and updates do like their facebook page