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Every house has them, every parent loathes them and every child wants more of them. Yes, I am talking about Toys and the resulting clutter. I think Moms get a very raw deal when it comes to toys. We buy every toy with as much research as possible, from the best of the shops, we even sacrifice that dress we coveted for months in favor of buying that swanky robot for our child and yet when it comes to reality, the child is interested in the toy for around 2-3 days and then it just adds to the ever-expanding collection of toy clutter. Soon, the toy is found dismantled into small parts and the only proof that it ever existed can be seen on your credit card bill.

But there is a middle path. A solution which will let your child play with the best and latest of the toys without draining your pocket or your sanity. Toy Libraries are a genius way to get all kinds of toys for your children on rent and once they lose interest in them, simply order another one. We recently  got to review a new toy library franchise in India called Toypedia. Here is the review of Toypedia.


Toypedia ( is a gurgaon based Toy Library and is the brainchild of Vishal and Abhilasha who used a similar service in Pune around 3 years ago for their son and liked the idea so much that decided to replicate it when they moved to Gurgaon.


Toypedia has more than 1000 toys, games and puzzles from the best of International brands. Just like a regular library you can browse the selection, rent the toys you like, play with them and once you want to get another toy, simply return the earlier one and get a new one.

You can become the member of Toypedia either online by logging on to their website or offline by walking into their store located in Crosspoint Mall, Gurgaon. You can also rent the toys through online or offline methods. If you choose to return and borrow toys through online method then the delivery will be made at your house. In case a toy is not available, you can reserve it so that you will be notified once it is available.


Toypedia has two plans :

A Basic Plan which lets you borrow 1 toy/game and 1 book/puzzle at a time, up to 4 times a month.

Price Rs 600/- (Trial One Month), Rs 1,650/-(Quarterly) & Rs 3,000 (Half Yearly). {Plus Rs 250/- Registration fee + Rs 2,000 Refundable Security Fee}

A Value Plan which lets you borrow 2 toys/games and 2 books/puzzle at a time, up to 4 times a month. 

Price Rs 1,100/- (Monthly) , Rs 2,850/- (Quarterly) & Rs 5,400  ( Half Yearly) {Plus Rs 250/- Registration fee + Rs 4,000 Refundable Security Fee}



ELC, Fisher-Price,Funskool, Lego, Leap Frog, Plan toys, HAPE, Meccano and lots more.


Toypedia’s USP lies in its use of Multiple Intelligence theory proposed by Dr Howard Gardener which states that intelligence is a combined effect of several intelligences. These are Word Smart, Number Smart, Body Smart, Music Smart, People Smart, Self Smart, Nature Smart and Spatial Smart.

Toypedia has categorized its toys according to ages and these intelligences. So you will find pretend toys like doll house and washing machine in the self smart section, building blocks in the spatial smart section, musical toys like piano, drums in the music smart section and so on. I think it is a great way for Parents to choose toys according to the developmental area in which their children can be nurtured.



When I walked into the Toypedia store with my daughter and niece in tow, it felt like we had reached a wonderland of toys. The colorful ambience, the huge variety of toys and the warmth of its owners really put us at ease.

The kids instantly started fiddling with the toys and instead of being hesitant, Vishal, Abhilasha and Mohit (Vishal’s brother) encouraged them to explore the toys. It was a treat to see the biggest and best brands in toys on display. I loved the fact that there was a good variety of outdoor toys like Trampoline, Sand and Water table, etc.

The best part about the experience was how much effort the owners put in explaining how to choose a toy for the right age, which toys help in the development of gross or fine motor skills and lots of other information. I spoke to a couple of other customers who had come with their children to return and choose toys and they were full of praise for the Toypedia service.

The kids ended up choosing the Fisher Price Mommy Doll which costs around Rs 5,500 (Value for Money or what!!) and after playing with it to their heart’s content they are now looking forward to returning it and choosing a new toy. (They have their eyes on the doll house!!)


A Toy library like Toypedia not only saves you a lot of money but also helps in clearing up lots of space in your house. 

Given the fact that Kids’ attention spans are small, you have the option of returning a borrowed toy and renting a new one.

You get access to a lot of international brands that are not easily available in India like Hape, Quercetti, Meccano etc. These are highly specialized toys made of quality material and designed to nurture various skills in kids.

Toypedia has a strict policy of not keeping any toys that promote violence like guns, swords, battleships etc. 

They maintain high standards of hygiene and each returned toy goes through stringent sanitization and cleaning process before being put back on the shelf. 

In case a toy’s part goes missing you will be only charged for that part, if a toy breaks then you will be charged for the repair and in rare cases the toy is beyond repair or gets lost, Toypedia will charge you for the toy at a price which less than 20% of M.R.P. This is a very fair deal and even if you have naughty kids at home like we do, you don’t have to hesitate from joining the membership.


It is a win-win service and if you live in or around Gurgaon, you have to avail for a toypedia membership today.

For more information log on Toypedia’s Facebook page and keep updated on their latest offers.


Don’t forget to share your comments and suggestions on this review. 

Disclosure: We received a free 3-week membership to review the Toypedia service but as always that has not affected my opinion. 



Swapna Thomas is the editor and founder at, an award winning Parenting blog. She quit the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom and in the process, discovered a whole new career. She truly believes that happy moms = happy world. She also coaches moms to start their online business. She loves sufi music and spends way more time daydreaming than one should.

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  1. that looks like quite a decent toy library to me! with toy library hygiene is something that always worries me, but this seems to be like a good place. 3k a month seems very steep though!
    poonam’s recent fabulous post…Sponge painting with kidsMy Profile

    • Thanks for the comment Poonam. It is a fantastic place and all the toys look spic and span almost as good as brand new. What really works for them is the owners’ commitment to help their customers get the best toys for their kids. The prices includes one time registration and refundable security fee so I think it works around Rs 600/- for a month and given the fact that you can rent toys 4 times a month and the toys are really quality ones and expensive, I think it is a real value for money deal. :)

    • Hi Poonam,
      The Rs 2000 is just a security deposit which gets refunded when the member decides to close the membership. This & the registration fee of Rs 250 is charged only once. The monthly charges are only Rs 600. If parents pay for 3 or 6 months at a time then the monthly cost comes down to as low as Rs 500 per month. This includes home delivery & pick up all over Gurgaon.


  2. I totally believe in it..all toys have shell life and interest life…so renting is more cost-effective.. for younger babies say till 8-9 months ..they generally don’t practice renting (chances of infection are higher because all things go straight in the mouth!!!!!!!!)…but for older ones…I totally recommend renting… I recommended Alex toys to my sis! They sterlise all the toys before sending to you!!! Toypedia also looks decent, will definitely explore!!!!
    Vandana M Khemka’s recent fabulous post…Happy half birthday Lv!My Profile

    • Thanks for the comment Vandana. Toypedia too sanitises all it’s toys before renting it again and I can vouch for their service. Definitely do explore it. :)

      • Hi, I opted for a trial service from toy pedia and I am sure they don’t sanitize toys at all. One of the scooter they delivered to my doorstep had cobwebs below it. I was shocked to see and I had to clean all toys myself before handing them to my one year old. I didn’t continue their service after one month because of the above issue.

  3. WOW Swapna I really loved this concept. Kudos to the team @TOYPEDIA…you guys are doing some really great work…specially for families which has a naughty kid demanding for millions of toys in a month :)

    • Thanks for the comment Shashank. It is indeed a great concept. My daughter loves the toypedia toys and doesn’t know any better whether we have bought them or not. So it is a win-win situation. Will surely pass on your wishes to Toypedia team. Keep visiting and commenting. :)

      • One more added in your list of loyal visitors :)…Subscribed to RSS, liked your FB business page…following you on twitter :) …I hope you are coming for indiblogger meet New Delhi this 14th if not go to and register right now.

        • Thanks a lot Shashank. Indeed I am planning to go on 14th, registered already. Loving your blog too. :)

          • @Vishal and Abhilasha WOW…what an interesting concept…love the idea. I am in Delhi and will be visiting Toypedia for sure. Hey Swapna! Even I am coming for the meet on 14th. See ya…will definitely contact you there. :)

          • Thanks for the comment Priti. I will definitely pass on your wishes to Vishal and Abhilasha. Do visit them. I am also looking forward to meeting you on 14th. See you there!! :)

  4. its been a wonderful idea of kids toy liabrary.i m very impressed about this new concept.
    i m interested to own a frachisee for my city can somebody help me out.

  5. This looks really interesting… I’m going to check it out for sure. Vishal and Abhilasha, I stay in Vatika City on Sohna Rd! Is that covered too?
    astuti’s recent fabulous post…My kinnda luv!My Profile

  6. Ruchika says:

    It’s a Wwonderful Concept…..I read about it in the Paper couple of days back!! And now eager to join it.
    I’ve my E-Mail address mentioned please forward me details so that I can register online!!

  7. good idea poor execution. site is not user friendly. there are no worthwhile toys when u visit. most of them are defective or not usable.

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