Review-Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel and Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin

I bought the Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel on the recommendation of Swati from Perfectskincareforyou who was very impressed with it and I must say that the gel lived up to my expectations and beyond.

Before I give you my review, here are

Five Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for skin
Aloe Vera skin gel has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and healing properties which makes it a great topical cream for burns and wounds.
Aloe gel is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins A,C,F,B, niacin and traces of Vitamin B12.
For skin suffering from Acne, Aloe Vera Gel has anti-microbial properties which kills the skin’s bacteria and although it is moisturizing it is not greasy which makes it perfect for oily skin.
Aloe Vera gel is an excellent moisturizer as it keeps the skin flexible by giving oxygen to the cells which in turn increases the strength and suppleness of the skin.
For skin suffering from hyper pigmentation and dark spots Aloe Vera gel is great as it encourages the skin to regenerate new skin cells and slough off the old and dead cells.
As the gel straight from the plant contains many active ingredients which may not be suitable for all skin types it is recommended to use the stabilised form of gel available in the market.

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel
Product Description

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel with Fresh Lemon Extracts is a natural moisturizer. It has natural astringent properties that controls acne by balancing excess oil. It is anti septic and heals skin inflammation, infections, allergies, blisters and even insect bites. It keeps the skin hydrated and is effective in removing tan. Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel has no side effects. Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel is a certified USDA organic product.

Its uses are : Natural moisturizer, natural astringent, controls acne, heals infections and inflammations, heals allergies, blisters, insect bites, balances excess oil, anti-septic, after shave, for nappy rashes


Aloe Vera gel and Lemon extracts


Rs 150/- for 100 gms

Our Experience

I have used it as a moisturizer and toner for my acne prone skin and it works awesome. Although it balanced the oil on my skin but I have not found it to reduce the spots on my skin yet.

I used it on my feet also and it made a lot of difference to the dry skin on my heels.

My husband suffered from a bad heat rash/ sunburn on his back a few days back and it was inflamed and causing severe itching. I started applying the Aloe Vera Gel on his back daily and within 2-3 days the redness subsided and the skin started to heal itself. I was completely sold on the gel after that.

Since then my husband has used it for treating after shave cuts, I have used it for treating minor burns and the odd hot saucepan incident. The most important use for me has been for treating my daughter’s minor scrapes and injuries (which seem to happen on daily basis). It has worked beautifully for all these purposes.


It is colorless and fragrance less so chances of allergies are very less

Contains no animal ingredient and does not use any animal testing.

It is absorbed very easily and the does not get the skin greasy at all.


The stickiness although for a short while takes some time getting used to


I would recommend this product 100% solely on its healing properties for skin. If you are trying to move away from chemicals for your household then this is a great product which will be an All-in-one gel for most skin problems and is 100% natural and handmade. Go order this right now from Naturalmantra.