Review of Rustic Art Organic Baby Oil-Green Apple

I have already introduced all of you to Rustic Art baby products. In that post I had mentioned that I would definitely love to try the Rustic Art organic baby oil-green apple for my daughter. Serendipitously, Meghana from Beauté Naturelle recently sent me a sample for review and I was able to use it.

Rustic Art Organic Baby Oil- Green Apple

Product Description (from the website)– Say ‘hello’ to soft, supple and nourished skin for your precious baby! Rustic Art Organic Baby Oil is perfect for daily body and hair massage. Rich in the goodness of Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Sesame, Cocoa Butter, Cyprus Rotundus and Herbal oils, its regular use gives a lasting glow to the skin. The enchanting fragrance of organic essential oils, especially green apple, will make it irresistible to adults as well! 100% free of mineral oils and chemicals. USDA-certified organic and natural oils used.

Size: 100ml

Price: Rs 250/-

My Experience

My daughter has an extremely sensitive skin and is prone to allergies and rashes. Even a small mosquito bite flares up into a big swelling. I have always been wary of using any chemical products on her skin. Since this is a completely natural product with no mineral oils (see below) I was relaxed about using it.

Packaging – Packed in a simple sturdy plastic packaging with flap cap.

Fragrance– Fresh green apple is the dominant fragrance in the baby oil. It is very pleasant and my daughter loved the smell. I have had nasty experiences with some coconut based oils whose overpowering smell made my daughter nauseous.

Usage– If you are using it for a baby or infant use it as you would use any baby oil for massage. For my toddler I use it after her bath to lock in the moisture. Just a few drops are enough to absorb well into your child’s skin.

Verdict– We have been using it for almost three weeks now. My daughter’s skin looks well moisturized and healthy. There are have been no negative reactions at all. I would definitely recommend this product to every mom.

Why you should not use baby products with Mineral oils?

Although you might think that mineral oil sounds like something beneficial to your baby’s skin, it is quite the opposite. Most of the chemical based moisturizers, even baby creams and oils have mineral oils as one of their ingredients. Mineral oils are basically derived from crude oils and may contain carcinogens.

Mineral oil cannot be absorbed by the skin and what is more it plugs up the pores and prevents even the beneficial ingredients from being absorbed into the skin. It is added to skin care products to give them unlimited shelf life. Mineral oils can only “lubricate” the outside of your skin and is beneficial as a “skin barrier”, but it can never penetrate skin to make it emollient.

As I mentioned Rustic Art Baby Oil is 100% free of mineral oils, it is easily absorbed into the skin and hydrates the skin from within.