Review of Let’s Learn Hindi App {Promo} and Top Hindi Apps for Kids

Hindi is not just our national language but also the fourth most popular language in the world after Mandarin, Spanish and English (according to wikipedia). As a spoken language Hindi for kids comes naturally to them and kids don’t have much problem in understanding common spoken hindi.

But due to the excessive stress given on learning and speaking English language especially at the school level, Hindi is now being relegated to just a language subject taught in the classrooms. More and more children are having difficulty in reading and writing Hindi and the parents also find it difficult to teach the proper nuances of hindi grammar and pronunciations.

Thankfully the digital world has come to the rescue to both the kids and parents with the introduction of several apple apps for kids which aim at making learning Hindi fun and exciting. These Apps are not only educational apps for kids but they are also great at turning learning hindi into a fun activity.

Review of Let’s Learn Hindi App by Culture Curry

 Let’s Learn Hindi is an awesome Hindi Varnamala Flashcard App developed by Culture Curry which explains the children about the Hindi Alphabets for Kids (consonants) in a beautiful, fun and simple way. This interactive app has flashcards for each letter (featuring the sounds and images for words), for example क से कद्दू  or ख से खिलौना.

Price: $1.99

Our Experience 

When a child touches a consonant, they enter into the world of that letter and can explore three activities.

  •  Each consonant when touched on the touch screen will make its phonic sound. The word for that letter will also be enunciated in a way that kids understand it properly.


  • My daughter loved the images with each of the letters because on touching they also make funny sounds and cute animations.
  • The best part about the app is that it also promotes writing skills for the kids. Each of the 36 consonants can be written by touch with trace and write feature. The formation arrows, choice of coloured chalk, eraser and the colored lines makes writing easy and fun to learn.The app actually makes Chalk sounds when you write on the slate which got my daughter really excited. She has just started writing Hindi letters at school so it is even more exciting for her to practice the letters in such a fun and animated way.

Overall it is a cute app for kids who are just starting to learn hindi, identifying hindi consonants and writing it. It is especially great for Non-Resident Indians who struggle to find good sources of learning Hindi especially IPad Apps for Kids.

You can download the “Let’s Learn Hindi” App from the itunes store


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REMEMBER : The App is currently available only via Apple App Store for iPhone, Ipad or IPod 3,4

 Other Hindi Apps for Kids

My First 100 words in Hindi

My First 100 Hindi Words app is built to teach toddlers their first 100 Hindi words. The user interface is intuitive and can be used by a child without any training.It is a simple way of combining audio and Hindi words to make it easy for the kids to remember those words. They also learn how to say each word i.e. the pronunciation and enunciation is stressed upon.

A fun and colourful, small format introduction to essential words in Hindi. Each page features words from a popular theme- household items, colors, clothes, toys, food, animals, and transport.

Hindi Varnamala by Tinytapps

 This app makes learning Hindi a simple and joyous experience for young learners. The picture/words have both translation and transliteration in English.  This app focuses on vowels, consonants and writing for young learners of Hindi language.

Hindi Baby Flashcards

 Hindi Educational Baby Flash Cards features over 450 high quality images with text and voiceovers to enhance visual and auditory learning and memory simultaneously.Categories include: Food items, Animals, Alphabet, Transportation, Numbers, Colors & Shapes, Clothing, Household items, Body Parts, Outdoor items, Music Instruments/Arts & Learning

Hindi Alphabets-Consonants

This Hindi consonant app is an educational game for kids to familiarize, practice and test their knowledge of Hindi alphabets. The app is simple and fun to use, has animated alphabet pages with voice-over to learn the sound of each letter, alphabet doodling to practice writing, beginning sound game and puzzle to test alphabet ordering.

 Here is a Video of “Let’s Learn Hindi” App

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Disclosure: I received the app for review purposes from Culture Curry. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own. 

Swapna Thomas is the editor and founder at, an award winning Parenting blog. She quit the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom and in the process, discovered a whole new career. She truly believes that happy moms = happy world. She also coaches moms to start their online business. She loves sufi music and spends way more time daydreaming than one should.

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  1. Aruna Shree Madina says:

    I have been looking for Hindi teaching app to teach Hindi to my 4 year old. Being non-native speaker of Hindi, such tools are helpful for me. Is there an Android version of this app?

  2. This was much needed application. Thanks Swapna for sharing it. Sure going to download it.
    Disha’s recent fabulous post…Diwali Craft & Home Decor Inspiration- IIIMy Profile

  3. Ohh! Just what I needed. Lil p has hindi from this year and is struggling. I was just thinking of exploring some apps for her. Looks like fun. Do they have an android version?

  4. It’s a great initiative and review :)……we often loose that vision that even Hindi could be a preferred choice of a child… I know this NRI friend…whose son just wants to be a Hindi scholar…so we parents should never under estimate the power of this or for that matter any language….

    @Artsy crafty mom: they dont have android app yet!

    • Wow! Kids nowadays are so focused. And yes Hindi is an amazing language which needs more respect and exposure. Yeah the culture curry people are going to launch the android app soon so I am sure lots of people will have access to it. :)

  5. Srividya Arvind says:

    Wow….was looking for some application for my daughter to teach Hindi. And this looks so easy and the representations done is good as well. Would def love to try this app on my iPad for my daughter to learn Hindi the fun and the right way!

  6. Wow, this is a great idea for an app. Especially since my daughter starts hindi next year !

  7. This Hindi App seems to be pretty good. There’s also another option, however it might be a little bit too complicated if your goal is to teach it to your little ones.
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  8. This app looks pretty cool! Waiting for the android version :-)

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