Review of Hamara Nischay DIY Kits for Kids

The past week has been a bit crazy for me, I got a nasty eye infection which meant no work on laptop and Samaira was down with a fever so she was also housebound. But thankfully both of us are back on our feet now and I can’t wait to share what all we did in the past few days. We utilized my downtime fully and did a lot of art and craft stuff.

A fortnight ago I had visited the World Children Expo along with from Vandana of Mumsphere (Have you checked her blog? It is adorable!) and there I saw the Hamara Nischay DIY kits for kids and they looked so cute that I couldn’t resist picking up one for Samaira.

To be honest I love craft time with Samaira as much as she does because it gives me a chance to be a child again and also to look at things from her perspective. So while gluing small pieces of felt or sequins might be a cakewalk for me I admire how difficult the task will be for a 4-year-old who is still developing fine motor skills and to see her do that so confidently, it is a joy beyond anything.

Review of Hamara Nischay DIY Kits for Kids
Hamara Nischay

I love that there are so many do it yourself art and craft ideas available for kids to do nowadays which keep them engaged while letting them be creative. Most of the Hamara Nischay kits contain paper crafts and contain everything to make your own cute creation. They also have wooden crafts and puppet sets for kids.


The best part about Hamara Nischay is that the funds raised from the sales of their products go towards the Nischay Girls School, a school which provides free education to more than 500 underprivileged girls. So art combined with helping an awesome cause is always feels good.

Our Experience

I bought the Princess File Folder which generally retails for Rs 270/- per kit but at the WCE they were selling it for Rs 240/- . I think these file folders look adorable and they had so many designs in the series. As usual Samaira couldn’t wait and as soon as we reached home she wanted to make the file folder so without wasting any time we got down to open this DIY kit.


Now I am so sorry that I don’t have pictures of the kit when we opened it. Since I was making a video too I forgot about the pictures and then found out that the part about opening the kit never got recorded. Can you imagine my frustration!! Anyways as I said all the instructions and the raw materials for the craft are included in the kit even the glue, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The method was pretty simple just keep gluing all the pieces as per the instructions and I didn’t really need to be involved in the craft.

The cutouts were in bright colors and were of very good quality and Samaira had a great time pasting them. Her favorite part was definitely putting together the princess and she did such a good job of making it too. On completion we are using the folder to store Sam’s drawings, painting s and scribbles.

So check out our video review of the kit and you can’t miss my little darling blowing out a kiss at the end

To buy

Affordable prices and great value for money

Adorable Designs

Helping towards a good cause

Easy to do Craft ideas for kids

To Not Buy

I was a little disappointed with the folder material as much which was made of paper. I would have liked to have a more sturdy material for folder since it is meant for kids. In fact the box that the kit came in is more sturdy than the folder itself but I think it is still a great value for money product.



You can reach Hamara Nischay and understand about their initiative as well check out their other products at their facebook page Hamara Nischay.