Rebtel: An Alternative for Having Cheap International Calling

Are you individual who often making international calls? It is not a secret that making such an international call can be considered as costly activities. Now, the alternative for your cost problem is Rebtel. Rebtel is a user-friendly service for international call. It offers cheap cost, various as well as advanced service features. Rebtel is also considered as the best as it has responsive technical support and no monthly fees needed. Compare with other similar services, Rebtel is several cents cheaper per minute. There is neither cost for cancellation nor connection fees for the calls you make.

First, you need to do is doing sign up for Rebtel on its website Then, you can enter the phone number you wish to call. After that, the system will send you a local number they create. You can simply dial the number Rebtel created for you and ask the one you want to call to hang up. Ask them to call you back on the local number Rebtel created fo you while you remain on the phone line. You, then, have really free call. However, it is only available for certain areas. Rebtel gives you with cheap rates for international calls in 222 countries. To be underlined, the rate is different based upon the areas.

Additionally, this international call service is available for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone devices. If the person you are calling also installs Rebtel on their device, you can directly make free calls without having them hang up and call you back. You can also have cheaper rates for sending international SMS messages.

This service also has collect calls so that your friends or family can call you and you pay the charge as you have the local number the Rebel gives to you. The process is also simple process so you do not need to press any codes of the area or call anyone back.

It also offers you with the language choice features so that you do not need to worry if you can not speak English. There are four languages, English, Spanish, Polish, and Frech,  you can opt for. The Rebtel’s website also always provides you with the up-to-date things from Rebtel and other telecommunications stories.  You are also able to track your phone call log and payments you have made. Unfortunately, Rebtel has no speed dialing function or toll free 800 numbers which are ideal for for businesses. So, it is the best service for personal calling, such as friends and family.