Planning Kids Birthday Party in India

It is March and next month it will be my daughter’s 4th Birthday. Whew, I can’t believe it that my teeny-tiny baby is going to be 4 years old. She is growing into a fascinating person and every time I doubt my skills as a parent, she does something amazing to make me feel that I must be doing something right.

You might have already read about how we had a simple princess birthday party at home for her 3rd Birthday and while it was SO much fun I need to plan a little something more elaborate for her 4th Birthday. It will still be an at-home birthday party but just a little well-planned (hopefully). So as I am planning my daughter’s birthday party through the month, it was natural for me to choose Kids Birthday Party as the theme for the blog posts all through March. That means you can look forward to the complete guide on How to plan a birthday day in India for your kids.

Planning a Kids Birthday Party in India 


Birthday Themes

What’s a kids’ party without a theme!! And boy are you spoilt for choices! From their favorite book to animals to the TV show they like the best, you can go to town with party themes. Do consider your child’s personality while choosing the theme. Also keep in mind whether the decorations and party supplies for the theme you have chosen will be easily available in India.

The theme will help you in deciding what kind of party space you need, the decorations you will require and also the return gifts can be theme based. Some of the most popular birthday party themes in India are Farm animals, Under the sea, Princess or Barbie, Chhota Bheem, Angry Birds, Fairy, Hello Kitty, Cars, Dora the explorer, Madagascar, Beach party, Doraemon etc.

Set A Budget

While it easy to go overboard while planning your child’s birthday ( been there done that), it is very important to set a budget and stick to it while planning a birthday party. Remember, you will be having birthday parties every year for many years to come ( for more than one child too) so set expectation levels accordingly. Once you have a budget in mind everything else can be strategized and planned accordingly.

Select a Location, Date and Time for the Party

While we are going ahead with a party at home it might not be the choice for everyone. Popular party locations are Clubs with parks and pools, Banquet halls, Kids’ activity centers, local restaurants like McDonald’s or Pizza Hut etc. Keep in mind your child’s age, the season and weather and of course your budget while choosing the location.

While ideally the birthday should be celebrated on the day of the birth, it is not uncommon for parents to defer it to a date which is convenient for everyone like a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. The duration of a kids’ birthday party should not be more than 3 hours especially if you don’t them to end up being cranky or moody in the middle of the party. 


Guest list and Invitations

You need to narrow down whether you are going to invite relatives, friends, school friends etc. In my experience for toddlers it is best to have a guest list of around 10-15 kids. You can invite their moms also so that you can mingle with them. You are not obligated to invite all of your child’s school friends but do ask around other parents to know what is the common practice.

You can either make handmade invitations or order them according to the theme. You can also find many online printable party invitations and if you find one that suits your theme then you can print them off. Don’t forget to mention the RSVP details so that you have a better idea of how many people would turn up which will help you in preparing food and return gifts etc.


Kids Birthday Party Menu

Unless you are using caterers for the party it is very important to sit down and write down the exact menu you would be using for the party. Having a menu will help you in planning your grocery list and shopping list for the party and will save you both money and time.

You can either order or make a birthday cake according to the theme. Keep the food simple, non-messy and definitely kid-friendly. Think bite-sized, simple flavored finger foods. Keep the menu a balance of healthy and junk food, after all it is a party!  Mini Pizza, Fruit kebabs, Chicken/Soy Nuggets, Shaped sandwiches, cake pops, cupcakes, juice boxes, french fries etc are loved by kids. If you are also expecting adults at the party then keep 2-3 food items which will be liked by them.

Decorations, Activities and Return gifts

Once you have your theme in place you can accordingly select decorations, activities for kids and party favors or return gifts. For decorations you can go for theme colored balloons, streamers, table clothes, party hats, plates and cups etc. You can also go for character cutouts, centerpieces, tableware, confetti and lots more.

For children in the age group of 1-3 years, it is best to go for impromptu activities like dancing, blowing bubbles, coloring, pretend play etc rather than organized activities. For older kids you can plan activities like treasure hunt, DIY kits, musical chairs or statues, passing the ball, tug of war, prepared dances etc. Most importantly keep it short, simple and fun!

Return gifts are a recent trend and although as children we used to get an occasional chocolate or some sweets as party favors, now the birthday have gone crazy with return gifts. From board games, art kits, personalized cushions, bags, custom cupcakes, the choices are unlimited. But as with everything else, stick to your budget and create goody bags that are age appropriate and at parity with other kids.

The next few posts will give you more details, tools and helpful kids birthday party ideas on how to plan a perfect birthday party. So keep watching this space.

If you have organized a theme birthday party for your child and would like to share your ideas and pictures with the world then do mail me at

Swapna Thomas is the editor and founder at, an award winning Parenting blog. She quit the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom and in the process, discovered a whole new career. She truly believes that happy moms = happy world. She also coaches moms to start their online business. She loves sufi music and spends way more time daydreaming than one should.

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  1. Divya Chopra says:

    My daughter’s birthday is also next month. My princess will be turning 6 this year. I am also very excited like you to celebrate my princess birthday. I will follow your post, the whole month to make her birthday more memorable for her.
    All the best for your preparations & same for me too…

    • Great Divya! Your daughter is also an Ariean. Six years is a big girl. I hope you have seen our latest post on Birthday party activities and games for all ages. May be you can get some ideas for her party too. Best of luck and let’s compare notes soon. :)

      • Divya Chopra says:

        Hi swapna, Thanks for ur reply. My daughter is a Taurus. Yes, of course i am following your all the posts and will surely share them with you.

  2. This sounds like a great series – an organized plan is the best way to deal with party planning for kids, looking forward to your tips!! I had a party for Cub last year, details of which are here:
    Fab’s recent fabulous post…Recipe for the Week – AlfajoresMy Profile

    • I loved reading about Cub’s birthday and especially the printable invitation and the awesome activity with animals you made. :)

  3. Hi Swapna,

    Congratulations for the celebrations that will take place next month for your child. I’m sure there must be already excitement building up for all that you are planning in advance. :)

    Your post made me go back in time when my kids were that small and we used to plan out birthday parties for them, though that time the theme based parties were just about coming up in our country. However, I agree, that we need to plan out everything in detail before getting started, and I’d written a post on how we can even host cheap birthdays long back on my blog. I guess it all starts with your guest list, which should consist of only those you really want to invite, followed by your budget, and then everything falls in place. Nevertheless, kids love to have their friends over and just have fun – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day ahead :)
    Harleena Singh’s recent fabulous post…Are You Living An Ideal LifestyleMy Profile

    • Thanks a lot for your awesome comment Harleena. Yes, theme birthdays are a recent trend but they are surely getting more creative. I agree planning is of utmost importance for any party and to avoid last minute hassles. I am surely going back to see your post about frugal birthday tips. You said it Harleena- Kids just wanna have fun!! Hope to achieve that with our party!

  4. Though I am kid’s birthday party planners,I always keep searching for blogs and articles that help me to arrange perfect birthday party because I think there is always chance for improvement. & your blog is one of them. I really appreciate your help. Keep posting such wonderful stuff. Thanks

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