Pingo, Makes an Intenational Call is not a Problem Anymore

Making an international call is usually related to the high cost you have to spend. However, it is not a big problem anymore as comes to help you. What is Pingo is a prepaid calling service, particularly you can use it for making a cheap international call through web interface. It is also one of the largest international VoIP carriers in the world which give iBasis subsidy. iBasis, especially, is owned by Royal KPN which is a leading international telecommunications company in the world. It offers its users with some facilities which ease you to have quality international communication.

The first easiness of is that it offers two options for the service, whether the customers choose for personal and business use.  In addition, it is also simple to use and completed with the capability to handle all aspects of your calling card, billing, and customer service. The most important, as it has been mentioned previously, it is also the answer to cost problems regarding the common international call which cost an arm and leg. offers a single integrated calling plan with competitive cost compare with many other calling cards offering low rates on a few routes so that it gives you a lot of benefits to make calls to several different destinations.

Another feature offered by the is that iIt can be used in any location worldwide in over 35 countries. You can use it on your smartphone as well as PC as is completed with a smartphone dialing app (EZ Dial) and a PC calling app (Pingo SoftPhone). In other word, it offers the value of flexibility.

Empirically, has a value of 95% of customer retention rate in terms of providing 100% guaranteed call quality. You can really put your trust to as it is owned by a public company has delivered over 1.3 billion minutes a month in International voice calls. Morover, it has high dedication for being consistent for more than 10 years to always charge a monthly fee of .98 cents since 2004. As the time goes by, the company has some development of its service, for instance in October 2013, the company launched no monthly fee plan.

Furthermore, offers a competitive package. If you chose the package of Pingo Premium plan, it doesn’t require a monthly plan fee and it has a 180 days validation period in the terms and conditions. Within this 180 days, if you do not use your account, the system will automatically convert it to Pingo Platinum which requires a $0.98 monthly plan fee. Then, if within the 180 days you make a call, the validation period will extend for another 180 days. If you do not need to make a call, before the account conversion, you will be notified by email 7 days prior and on the day off the conversion.  Any queries regarding the services, you can contact a multi-lingual customer service which can support 7 days a week and 14 hours a day provided by the company.