Opera free vpn review

The users of Android who are security conscious, can now benefit from the unlimited and free VPN service offered by Opera.  The service can block the ad-tracking cookies; it can test the security of the wireless network and this is among other available things.  The users are able to change the virtual location through connection to one or five regions available such as Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Canada and US, and then you can borrow the IP address of that place.

The same service was available on the IOS first and then now it is available on the android. Over 1 million users have now downloaded it and it is available on the browser of Opera. There are now three versions that were built under SurfEasy after the company bought it.

surfeasy-vpn-discount-codeThe VPN app under Opera is special since it is completely free and this set it apart of other service. In addition, there is no need to log-in or be limited by the data limit. It has the advanced Wi-Fi protection features and there is no need to subscribe.

The service of VPN does create the secure tunnel found between the servers and the user and this makes it hard for the sites that track down the web surfing to identify what you do.  The feature of ad-blocking is known to save time, battery life or frustration. The users have to be aware that this app will be collecting the anonymous data about how the people use the mobile devices and then Opera can make it available to a third party.

The app has incorporated the Viking and this is because the Vikings were not worried about the borders and they would have been ready to use the public wi-fi.  The app is able to unlock the online borders and it is closer to the Viking shield which the mobile users take advantage of for the self-protection. If you don’t like the free service, you can buy one from VyprVPN, which is one of the best VPN service you can find in the market. You can find a good VyprVPN review here.

The app can be downloaded from the playstore of Google and it supports Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Indonesian, German, French, Arabic and English.


Opera is the fifth popular browser in the entire world and it has a small loyal fan base. This is because it pioneers the cutting edge technologies which are useful like Opera Turbo which is the compression technology that had been designed to speed up the web browsing and the built in feature for the ad-blocking.

After acquiring the SurfEasy which is a Canadian VPN service, it has not become as a surprise that the Opera decided to integrate the VPN technology in the flagship browser.  The company decided to take this move in order to improve the security and the privacy of its users.

The Free VPN has now become the integrated feature for desktop browser.  The app is free to use and there is no limit of the data. This is why the service is among the most generous and frees VPN that can be found at the market.

The encryption of the Opera VPN is done by AES-256 encryption but the details on how it does work are not available.