New Year’s Resolution- Being more present for your child

I am over at Parentous talking about one of the most important resolutions I have made this year. Being more present for my daughter and being mindful about the time I spend with her.

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Here is an excerpt

Yes, I did the yearly ritual of making the New Year’s resolutions even before you could say 2013! It has the usual suspects- Lose Weight, Get more “me-time”, get my career sorted (in my case a Work at Home one), Travel and so on. I know some might slip through the months, in fact the way I have been hogging all the yummy winter food the “lose weight” one might not even make it to February.

But there is one resolution that I have made and I know I am going to keep it not just this year but for many years to come. And that is to be more present for my child.

Being Present has nothing to do with being with your child all the time. Believe me I had myself convinced that as a Stay-at-home mom, I had already given the ultimate gift of time to my daughter. But being in your child’s life with a mindful presence has nothing to do with staying at home or being a working mother.

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