Little 1 brings India’s First Online Baby Record Book

I am still recovering from the exhaustion that Samaira’s fourth birthday party induced in me and there is still one more item on my to-do list that needs to be crossed off before I can say that the party is a wrap! It is penciling in my thoughts, ideas and Samaira’s pictures in her baby book.

See, I bought a baby book as soon as Samaira was born, with the hopes and wishes of recording every little milestone, every new step, all the birthdays and basically capturing my angel’s  first five years in this baby record book. Although I have tried to keep up with filling the baby book, but there are times I have fallen short. Like, I would have photographed her first day at playschool but by the time I would order the pictures, get time to paste it in the book, I would invariably not have the same thoughts and feelings that I wanted to capture on that day itself. I found myself wishing “if only there were baby books online where I could create my memories as soon as I wanted”. was introduced to me as an answer to my prayers. An initiative by Sabarish Nair who as a parent would often find himself missing his kids’ first moments and their special life. He and his partner Naresh Baid launched the private beta of this baby memory book venture on Children’s day i.e. Nov 14th 2012 and have recently gone ahead with a public beta.

Online baby Record Book.

What is Litte1 all about?

As their tagline goes- Moments, memories and much a glance. Little1 tries to capture your life with your kids as it happens. The website has a very colorful and adorable layout. Signup is free and easy and you can set up your profile in no time. You also get to create the profile of your child with its own url which you can share with your friends and family. You can also add your family details in your profile, like mom, dad, grandparents, uncles and aunt etc.

You can create a customized online baby book, baby  photo albums, record milestones, your child’s favorites, medical history, create reminders, family tree and an online journal too.

Personalise your baby book

What are their special features?

Little1 is not only India’s First Online Baby Record Book, they offer parents to SAVE their child’s most memorable moments both Online & Offline by allowing them to order for a print copy of the Digital Baby photobook.

If you have been using picasa, facebook or flickr to store your photos then you can upload them straight from there. They are also in the final stages of launching their android Mobile App and would be launched by month end. So you can upload your pictures, write your thoughts, create albums etc. right from your smartphone.

They are also very careful about the privacy of their customers and ensure that the site is protected with 256 bit encryption SSL

Why I would recommend Little1 to my readers

You can create a completely customized baby memory book

From the size of the baby book (8/11″ inch or 8/8″ inch), cover (leather or hard bound), themes (party, classic, fun, pink, blue etc.) you can customize the baby book. You also have the option of choosing the background of your baby book (there are almost  24 backgrounds in each theme).

The headings, content and everything else is editable and you can create the word matter  according to your own wishes and baby book ideas.

Little1   India s First Online Baby Record Book2

Innovative Design

Apart from the baby book you can also record your child’s favorite stuff too. This has to be probably my favorite part. As our kids grow we tend to forget what their favorite food, fruit or cartoon was at a particular age. But with this section you can keep tabs of your child’s favorites as they grow up.

Another awesome feature is the reminder section where you can set reminders regarding your child’s vaccine dates, friends’ birthdays, important days at kids’ school etc.

Again in medical history section, not only can you add your child’s medical records, immunization details but even search for a  pediatrician in your area.

Little1   India s First Online Baby Record Book.3

A Complete baby store

I love the fact that you can create and order your baby book whenever you want so you don’t have to wait till it is full of five years of pics but get it as soon as you want it. You can also invite your friends and family to view your online baby book, check out what milestones your child has achieved, pen their thoughts and feelings for the child with complete privacy.

You can also search for your friends who have kids and are maintaining their online baby books with little1. This way you can compare notes and keep in touch with your friends’ kids too.


Apart from baby book, online journal, medical records and lots of other stuff, Little1 also has an inbuilt gift and goodies store which has a lot of eco-friendly toys and room decor items.

As part of Little1’s social responsibility they have associated with CRY-Child Rights and You. You can donate through Little1 to support CRY’s many projects for happy, healthy and protected childhood.

Connect with Little1

You can either access Little1 website or their facebook page for updates and more information.

I am off to make my special birthday book for Samaira’s 4th birthday with Little1 and I would urge you to check out all the awesome features of Little1 and create your free account on their site. 






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