Indian Supermeals- Baby & Toddler Cookbook – { Review + Giveaway}

What is the one topic that you are guaranteed to hear when two moms are talking to each other? Yes- It is Food! Or rather the lack of its intake by their babies and toddlers. I think for all new moms or even not-so-new moms “how to make baby food” is one of the biggest concerns.

Not only are you daunted by how to make baby food but also when to feed, baby food recipes, how to make certain foods palatable to the choosy tastebuds of our young ones and so on. For most of us our moms, elders in the family, peers and the holy google are often the guides in this gastronomic journey.

As a new mom in a nuclear family I often struggled with what to feed to my baby daughter and just as I had figured out baby recipes for one stage she would be bored with it and I had to start all over again!

Zainab Jagot Ahmed, an Indian origin mummy living in UK, faced a similar situation. And as much as she searched there were no Indian baby and toddler cookbooks that she liked.

She also wanted to find Indian Baby Food recipes that would yield a meal for the whole family rather than spending more time in the kitchen to make different meals. So in quest of feeding her lovely daughter Indian food Zainab decided to do a lot of research on cooking with Indian ingredients and especially Indian spices.

The end result of all her efforts has been the Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook which is full of quick, tasty and wholesome food recipes for the baby and even the family.

Today I see so many young moms in India talking about feeding their kids canned baby food when we have the most amazing variety of ingredients, spices, tastes and textures for baby food. When I got the chance to review the Indian Supermeals Baby & Toddler Cookbook, I was extremely happy to introduce it to my readers.


Indian Supermeals – Baby & Toddler Cookbook by Zainab Jagot Ahmed {E-book}
Who is this book for?

It is a culinary guide for new moms, existing moms with second or further babies or anyone interested in moving away from bland baby food to adventurous supermeals.

Feeding Stages

The recipes start from Stage 2 i.e. 7 months onwards when it is safe to include texture, lumps and most importantly spices in your baby’s dishes. There are recipes for stage 3 i.e. baby food 10 months also. The recipes go on till Stage 4 i.e. 1-3 years after which kids can move to regular family food with spices.


Superspices and Superfoods

This was a revelation to me too. Zainab has painstakingly created sections in her book about superspices and superfoods. Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric etc. which when added to food can provide unique health benefits. For example did you know that Cinnamon can relieve teething pains and Coriander aids digestion while providing iron to prevent anaemia.

In the superfoods section Zainab talks about foods which are chock full with very high amount of nutrients. These superfoods contain antioxidants which are important for baby’s health and immunity. Zainab also talks about rainbow of foods i.e nutrients by color of food. For example orange and yellow foods like citrus fruits have beta-carotene which has antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-aging properties.

One of the most interesting concepts in the book is “the eatwell plate” which shows how much of what you eat should from each food group.

Zainab also talks about foods to avoid and potential allergans like honey, raw shell fish and whole nuts etc, explaining the reason to avoid and the safe age to introduce them.

Baby food recipes

The Indian Baby Food recipes

Each stage of feeding has a good variety of baby food recipes included like Veggies supermeals, Fish supermeals, Finger foods and sweets. There are typical Indian recipes like Kitchri, Veggie korma, Gajar ka Halwa and then there are Indian takes on International meals like Desi Mac n Cheese, Indian Vegetable Paella and quick cumin sphagetti.

At Stage 3 i.e 10 months plus there is an awesome variety of Meat Supermeals which I wish I had discovered when Samaira was at that age. She loved chicken and meat but I never really knew how to include them in her meals. Zainab’s meat recipes would have been very handy for me. Some really yummy ones are chunky sphagetti bolognaise, snuggly chicken and vermicelli soup and classic keema curry.

At stage 4 family supermeals as recipes for toddlers are introduced like aloo gobi, big and small kofta curry, Indian cottage pie, spiced creamy salmon pasta etc which are suitable for the whole family as it is or with some simple modifications.

At the end of the book Zainab has given food storage guidelines, serving sizes and cooking conversion tables too.


Why you should buy this book

♦ Zainab’s cookbook has simple but nutritious recipes which in the long run will establish healthy eating habits in kids.

♦ For each recipe Zainab has also mentioned whether it is suitable for freezing or not, which is a boon for working and busy mothers, who can’t spend a lot of time cooking meals from scratch.

♦ Superspices and superfoods are a great way to make meals packed with nutrition and at the same time they are not bland.

♦ It has clear sections for various stages of feeding by age and all recipes are suitable to them. It also tells how to make the texture perfect for babies.

♦It has a great variety of non-veg recipes for babies and toddlers which are extremely hard to find. If you are a non-veg family then these recipes are really awesome.

Connect with Zainab

You can buy the Indian Supermeals Cookbook via Amazon India Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook

You can also read Zainab’s blog and connect via her facebook page.

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