I LOVE INDIA-Independence day crafts ideas for mom and kids

15th of August, the Independence Day of our glorious nation is approaching soon and I feel that Samaira is now old enough to be taught about patriotism and the significance of Independence Day. In other countries Independence Day is a day of joy, carnivals, fireworks and bonhomie but sadly in India it has become more or less just another holiday.

So this year why don’t we change that a bit and teach our children to be proud of our country and its history even if in small ways. For younger kids arts and crafts are a great way to relate them to an event rather than giving them a history lecture.

So here are four easy crafts ideas for kids which they can do (of course under your supervision) which will help them in understanding the relevance of 15th August:

Patriotic hairclip: Take any old hairclip (metal barrette) and arrange around 3 inches of orange, white and green ribbon as shown and glue them on. Finish with a blue button for the chakra and voila you have a patriotic hairclip.

Tricolour bracelet: This is a really simple bracelet that I learnt off a tutorial from here. Just use orange and green coloured paper and guide your child to fold the paper in the way shown.

Fingerpainted flag: Smear orange, white and green paint on the kids’ fingers and guide them to paint the flag on a white card paper. Glue a popsicle stick for the flagstaff. You can embellish the flag with glitter as shown and loop the tricolour ribbon through a punching hole in a corner of the flag.

Popsicle sticks flag: The children can paint the popsicle sticks in the three colours. Stick two halves of the popsicle stick at the back and two more to create the flag staff.

I know that these are quite amateurish compared to some of the other great stuff out there, but what is most important is that you and your kids have fun doing these crafts and we sure had lots of that.

Once again Happy Independence Day!!!!