How to choose a toothpaste for kids and the top 5 kids toothpastes in India

If getting your toddler to brush her teeth was not a challenge enough, choosing what toothpaste to use is another issue all parents face. Pediatricians recommend that kids’ teeth or rather gums be cleaned from the beginning. Once the milk teeth erupt it is advised to start brushing using a soft bristle brush without toothpaste.

A child aged 18 months or 2 years can brush their teeth with toothpaste. Since most toddlers have not mastered the technique of spitting at this age, it should be understood that some of the toothpaste might be ingested by them.

Some of the important things parents need to keep in mind while choosing a toothpaste:

Fluoride : Most toothpastes are fortified with fluoride to fight cavities but too much of fluoride can cause fluorosis. Fluorosis is staining of teeth  with brown or white stains doe to excessive fluoride. Since small kids don’t always spit out the toothpaste properly, it can be ingested into their system. Therefore one should perfer using non-fluoride toothpastes for kids. If you must use a fluoride toothpaste for kids, ensure that they use no more than a pea-size of the toothpaste.

SLS (Sodium Laruyl Sulfate)  : SLS is an ingredient in many common toothpastes but in kids it can cause mouth ulcers. So steer clear of any toothpastes with SLS in them.

Abrasives: Lots of toothpastes today contain abrasives in them to clean plaque and help take food stains away. But these abrasives can prove to be quite harsh for small kids so make sure that their toothpaste contains only low or mild abrasives.

Flavour: Most kids toothpastes comes in either fruity or bubblegum flavor. Some flavours might be stronger for your child and they may not like it. My daughter can never use the bubblegum flavour of any toothpaste it is just too tingly for her. Fruity flavours work best for her. It might be a case of trial and error for you to find out the perfect toothpaste flavor for your child.

 The top 5 kids toothpastes in India are Colgate kids, Pepsodent Kids, Pigeon, Chicco and Mee Mee. 

A Comparison of Top 5 Kids toothpastes in India

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So next time you go to buy a toothpaste for your child just remember the above points and make the best choice. Keep your little ones’ pearly whites shining and healthy. If you know of any other popular kids toothpaste brands, do let me know through your comments.

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  1. good post Swapna…I did scour the aisles for a floruide free and SLS free toothpaste but was absolutely taken aback that even Miswak has those ingredients and its supposed to be ayurvedic :( anyway, I will currently stick with colgate or pepsodent only!!!
    Swati’s recent fabulous post…Do you wash your face first thing in the morning? {Your Opinion}My Profile

    • Thanks for the comment Swati. You are right even I was surprised that even Meswak had SLS. We should definitely be more aware of what ingredients we are using for ourselves and our kids too. :)

  2. Thank you so much Swapna
    Mak’s recent fabulous post…Humane – Gentle: Part 4My Profile

  3. Hi

    Thats a lot of useful info. My son hates brushing his teeth. My current strategy is to sing Old Mc Donald and brush his teeth in a rhythmic tempo. That works :)
    jaishvats’s recent fabulous post…My first Exam in Engineering!My Profile

  4. I’m so thankful for these pastes. I use them.
    One of my most favourite products ever was the finger brush; the finger-glove like thing with bristles. You can put it on your index finger and work your way into those little mouths. I used it for a year and half.
    d.Nambiar’s recent fabulous post…We don’t recognise them because —My Profile

    • Thanks D. Even I used those finger brushes for my Lil one but had to struggle a bit when she graduated to toothbrushes. :)

  5. Thanks.. super helpful
    Lakshmi Datta Arun’s recent fabulous post…Wooden Puzzles for Your ToddlerMy Profile

  6. I became allergic to an ingredient SLS found in other toothpastes but not in Rembrandt extra gentle. The skin in my kids mouth would actually peal off when They used other toothpastes. If you have experienced this problem, this will most likely work for you and your kids. And, of course, it whitens and brightens and cleans my teeth perfectly. It is truly a great product.

  7. Thanks for your post Sapna. I was actually reading through Web on toddler care, found your post which is very informative. I have a cute littly boy:) he’s 16 months. We started using finger brush for my son when he crossed 12 months but now, we are planning to use paste(flouride/SLS free). Do you think we should wait until he turns 18 months or 2 yrs?

    • Hey Pawan, if you are using SLS-Fluoride free toothpaste I think you are good to go at sixteen months. But if you can, do try to help your son learn spitting properly because eventually the pastes do contain some chemicals. I am sure he will be a pro by 2 years then. :)

  8. Great post! Thanks for tips.I hope your tips will be helpful.
    Tina’s recent fabulous post…SLS Free Toothpaste BrandsMy Profile

  9. Swapna, this was an extremely helpful post, especially for new moms like me who really need to scout for accurate and detailed baby info! Our doc advised a finger brush and non-flouride toothpaste for my 13 month old daughter, and not one chemist in town was able to give me the right brand. Your post did just that, thank you!

    • Hey Deepa, I am so glad that you found the post helpful. Fulfills the mission of this blog. Providing information to parents who are having a tough time getting the right kind of info. :) Keep visiting.

  10. My grandfather had perfect teeth, and at the age of 80, he still had his complete set of teeth, never having lost a single tooth his entire life. My grandfather never used a tooth paste to clean his teeth with. Instead, he used baking soda as tooth paste. In addition, my gramps ate highly nutritious foods such as organ meats, liver, vegetables and eggs that were raised in his backyard farm, and drank nothing but raw milk. So really, it’s not all about choosing the best toothpaste out there. It’s all about giving our body what it needs to attain optimal health. Healthy bodies mean healthy teeth.
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  11. samrat singh says:

    Flouride is required for prevention of tooth decay and cavities. The point to be noted here is that it should 0.2 ppm (parts per million) in your toothpaste. Flouride is dangerous if it goes more than 0.3 ppm in any thing. normally kids cant avoid swallowing of some part of toothpaste thats why companies are keeping there products flouride free specially in kids toothpaste. if no flouride then no prevention of tooth decay/cavities. after 1880 water companies started adding flouride (in checked amount ppm) in your water supply just for the same reason. Diet/water and oral hygiene are directly linked. get your water checked for proper flouride levels if suffering from cavities. FLouride in checked levels is required for healthy teeth.tell your kids not to drink water of every places bcoz Flouride levels are not maintained properly in every areas of India. give your own water bottles to your kids if they have to travel in different areas like schools stretched at a gap of 2-4 kms- bcoz water conditions change in india after every 2 kms.

  12. Hi Swapna,
    Thank you very much for providing the insights on choosing the right toothpaste for the kids.My doctor has suggested pediflor toothpaste for my 2 yr old daughter.Do you think this can be used and are there any side effects?

  13. Swapna,

    So you mean Colgate or Pepsodent is the rite one ?
    Please suggest a best and good one for my 18mths Daughter

  14. Hi Swapna….

    Many Thanks for the article.
    My son is almost 2.5 yrs old, till the date we never use any toothpaste for him, we brush his teeth just with toothbrush and plain water, now I am searching for a good toothpaste for him, whats your personal opinion amongs above 5 toothpastes, which toothpaste should I use for him???

    waiting for the answer.

  15. Hi Swapna

    My Son is almost 2.5 yrs old…this is first time i’ll start using the toothpaste for him

    can you please suggest the best toothpaste to start with????

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