How to Cancel Your ExpressVPN Subscription

ExpressVPN offers you with both standard and extraordinary services of using VPN. Virtual Private Network or VPN is aimed to get you secured internet connection, which has undoubtedly been considered by business and individuals as a significant tool to help them protect their digital communications through the internet. If you are just not happy with the price, you can get some discount by using some Express VPN coupon code.

Yet, what distinguishes ExpressVPN from the rest of its competitors?

Overview of ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN has adopted high strength 256-bit encryption in order to protect its customers’ data from a number of potential watchers, such as hackers and even governments. In addition, the company ensures you that you get access to watch any content on the internet you love. Those contents are available in high definition quality as it is supported by the highest speed and unlimited bandwidth.

It does also indicate that you can visit a number of blocked sites with ExpressVPN. All the access can be gained so easily without worrying about whether you get under surveillance or censorship. And above all, ExpressVPN offers its customers with the fastest-speed VPN so that it would no longer be a problem if you like to watch videos or video call your families from any part of the world.

ExpressVPN’s services have been available in 136 VPN server locations spread in 87 countries all around the world. Stretched from America, Asia Pasific, Europe, Africa, to Middle East, ExpressVPN has been ready with all of its great services. If you feel interested in trying out their services, you can select one package plan from three options, which are 1-month, 6-month, and 1-year plan.

Even if you have got to cancel your subscription due to various considerations, you are given opportunity to get full refund by 30 days after your paid subscription.

How To Cancel Subscription


In case, you get yourself hesitate about several things—for instance, you find yourselves not in urgent of using VPN to help you secure your digital communications, then you can directly cancel your subscription on ExpressVPN’s official site. If your cancellation is before the first 30 days after subscription, then you can claim unconditional money-back guarantee.

Yet, more than the 30-day guarantee, you can do cancellation by turning off the ‘Automatic Renewal’ section on your ExpressVPN’s account. This will prevent ExpressVPN from automatically extend your subscription to the next period. In other words, if you subscribe for 6-month package plan, then you cancel it, your subscription will end after the 6-month period.