How to be a Work at Home Mom: An EBook

Our new series on How to be a Mom Entrepreneur in India is going full throttle right now and I am brimming with ideas to help my mommy readers take the exciting and adventurous path of Entrepreneurship. The second post in this series is the review of an eBook which has helped me walk the path of “work from home” life in an organized and balanced way. The “How to be a Work at Home Mom- The Happily Ever After Guide to leading the WAHM life” by Prerna Malik is filled with tons of useful info which makes your Mompreneur life smooth and efficient.

As a work at home in India I am constantly looking out for resources to improve my productivity and earn money from home. I bought this e-book a while ago but didn’t use it to its maximum potential until recently due to many reasons like having to shift houses twice, overseeing the renovation of a house, a toddler, family crises, so on and so forth. I could seriously kick myself for not using it earlier because if I had put what I read in this e-book to good use then, it would have saved me a lot of trouble and headache along the way. But lesson learnt and hey, better late than never!

The Author Prerna Malik is a problogger at The Mom Writes which is filled with smart solutions for Work-at-home Moms. She started her WAHM journey as a web writer & blogger and now she has her own online business Social Media Direct which helps businesses everywhere manage their online media presence. But most of all, she is a proud mom to Manini, her daughter and a loving wife to Mayank who also happens to be her business partner. Prerna also happens to be a personal inspiration for me and I am happy that she has also been an amazing Mentor to me for a while now.


I am extremely happy to announce that Prerna has graciously agreed to giveaway one free copy of the e-book to one lucky reader of TheMomViews. All you need to do is leave a comment at the end of the post mentioning why you are/want to be a Work-at-Home Mom or an entrepreneur. Winner of the giveaway will be chosen randomly. The giveaway is open till 31st October 2012 and is open to residents of India only.

What you can expect from the book

How to be a Work at Home Mom: The Happily Ever After guide to leading the WAHM Life is a 70 page handy PDF format e-book especially helpful for moms who are thinking about becoming a mom entrepreneur or have just started their entrepreneurial journey. It is divided into clear and concise sections which handle various aspects of leading a WAHM life.:

How to find a work-at-home job/business opportunity, avoiding scams, creating a knowledge base and acquiring skills
Budgeting basics, setting up a work space which will maximize your productivity, getting your personal cheer leading squad together
Home management tips for an organized and clutter-free home, meal planning, advice on cultivating a great relation with your spouse and kids while being a WAHM.
How to start your business, networking and finding your tribe, productivity 101 and time management resources
How to avoid pitfalls like an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of focus, isolation etc.
Pitching clients and as a bonus the exact pitch she has used many times and quite successfully
Interviews with several Work-at-Home Moms and finally the killer Work-at-Home Mom Tool Kit which include
Brainstorming for business worksheets

Business Budgeting worksheets

Time Management tracker

Mentoring resources

Productivity tools and more

What I liked about the Book

It is simple and not preachy. In fact it is one of the most conversational ebooks I have read on the subject. Prerna uses her own life’s examples in a direct yet gentle way to guide you through the WAHM maze. For example, I was nodding happily when I read that despite using many digital productivity tools she still relies on her trusted notebook and pencil so that she can tick items off her list. This honesty is what makes you understand that her advice is trustworthy and never pretentious.

It helps you hang your shingle. One great tip from the book that I straight away applied to my life was that “there was no time like present” to start your WAHM journey. I was waiting for ideal conditions, ambience, support to line up before becoming a Work-at-home Mom but after reading that Prerna used her dining table as her office, I realized that all you need to start your digital mom life is a laptop, website and the passion to convert your ideas into reality.

It is GLOBAL in its approach. Even though Prerna’s blog audience is primarily US-based and most of her clients are also from US, the book never makes you feel that it can not be applied to the Indian scenario. That is the true beauty of a digital business and you don’t need a better example than Prerna who has created a successful business with global clients sitting right at her home in India.

It is filled with sensible, practical and useful tips.Prerna gives easy, actionable and highly effective tips throughout the book to make your Work at Home Life organized and productive. Some of the tips I especially loved are -Creating your personal cheer leading squad, cleaning your house in short bursts of time, setting up simple home management systems to manage time, creating a schedule, setting up canned responses through Gmail and lots of tips for keeping kids engaged while you work at home.

It addresses REAL issues that a Work-at-home Mom might face during her journey. From spending too much time on computer, lack of focus, neglecting the spousal relationship, setting up boundaries, working in sweatpants the whole day long, facing isolation to unhealthy practices like drinking less water or skipping exercise and meals. The book really tackles those fundamental problems that every WAHM faces but very few books talk about.

It has the KILLER WAHM toolkit. The best part about the book is the Work-at-Home Mom toolkit which includes several productivity tools like 50 {Yes! 50} business ideas, budget sheet in excel, productivity tracker, free resources for productivity, time management, mentoring, WAHM support and lots more. This toolkit helps you to plan and map out your WAHM life for you and all you need is to work with passion to achieve your dreams.


If owning your own business, working from home with your kids around, using your creativity and talents to make money is your dream then this e-book is a must buy to help you convert those dreams into reality.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway of this awesome resource for working or Stay-at-home moms who want to turn entrepreneurs. Infact this book is great for anyone who wants to turn an entrepreneur. Just comment below on why you want to live a WAHM life