Homemade Christmas Decorations- Salt Dough Ornaments

Can you believe that there is hardly a week to go for Christmas? Me neither, this year just flew past me and I am still trying to figure out a lot of stuff that happened this year. But the good news is that our Christmas tree is finally up and the best part is that we made homemade Christmas decorations with Salt Dough. Yes! Salt Dough ornaments!

I had saved the last year’s Christmas tree decorations but I still wanted to make some Christmas ornaments for our tree because what’s Christmas without a little bit of homely touch. As an Indian parenting blog, I have used only materials which are easily available here. And making Salt dough ornaments is so easy that it is almost addictive. I had the bare minimum supplies but I think we still managed to create some pretty awesome Christmas ornaments. Here take a look!!


How to make Salt Dough Ornaments
What you need

1 Cup Flour (maida)

1/2 Cup Salt

3/4 Water

Acrylic paints


A Straw

Cookie Cutters (optional)

Any other decorations you want to put


1. In a mixing bowl, add the flour and salt. Now slowly add water to the mixing bowl till you are able to knead a dough out of it. The dough should not be sticky and should not leave any residue on your fingers.

2. Now flour the working surface lightly and start rolling the dough. Once it is about a five rupee coin thick you can start cutting out the shapes.

3. At this point you can use your cookie cutters and cut out whatever shapes you fancy. Now I didn’t have cookie cutters with me, I guess lost them during moving house, so I decided to go free hand. We used a steel glass to cut out round shapes and I did stars, heart, Christmas tree and diamond shapes using a knife. I even made a letter ‘S’ for my daughter’s name. See all our beautiful shapes!!


4. Don’t forget to use the straw to create holes in the ornaments through which you can loop the wires to hang them on the trees.

5. Next was the baking part. You basically want to dry out all the moisture from the ornaments. Now there are many ways to make these ornaments. You can dry them in sun but it will take at least three days and with the winter sun you can never be sure. Next is baking them in an oven at around 100° for 2-3 hours. Again this method will consume lot of time and electricity so I didn’t go for that.

If you have a convection oven you can bake them at 180°c for 15 mins and I did bake half a lot of mine that way but they got a bit puffed up and way too brown.

6. I found the best and the easiest way accidentally on a community forum (unfortunately this was during a midnight surfing session and I didn’t get the link ). You need to microwave the salt dough ornaments to dry them up. But if you microwave them just like that they go all puffy. There is a way around that. Put your ornaments on a microwave plate and then put another plate on top of them, creating a kind of sandwich. Now microwave them at 100% power at 30 seconds interval. Mine took around 3 mins but it can differ according to your microwave specifications. Tada!! The ornaments don’t puff and come out real smooth and flat.


7. Let the ornaments cool for around an hour or so. Now you can bring out the acrylic colors and paint according to your whims and fancies. I chose red, green, pink, purple and icy blue. Then all you need is some glitter paint to bling out the ornaments. I even created a small Santa ornament using googly eyes. Cute ain’t it?


8. I used wire to create loops to hang them on the tree but you can also use ribbons or pipe cleaners to create loops. Just hang them and marvel at their prettiness.


It just makes our tree come alive. These are really easy to make and hardly cost anything. There is no reason you should not be making some for your own tree. The bonus is that the kids can help with the dough making and painting part. It is a fun activity and you can make all kinds of ornaments for your Christmas tree.