Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist

As you know I am in the midst of planning a birthday party right now and totally geared up for Sam’s 4th birthday party next month. There is so much to do from deciding a birthday theme, finalizing the guest list, menu for the party, party activities, return gifts and the list goes on and on.

I know that handing over the planning to a party planner might make my life easier but I really love planning birthdays, it has a more personal touch, you make lifelong memories and not to mention save a boatload of money. I do have help in the form of my parents and sister-in-law and yeah truly take all the help you can get while planning any party.

If you have been reading this blog for a while then you would know that I love making lists. Lists make everything so simple and organized. It also helps in avoiding any chaos and cuts down on any unnecessary expenses too. So, I got down to make a Birthday party checklist which will help me in keeping my party planning streamlined, on track and free of any tension.

Birthday Party Checklist

Birthday Party Checklist

The end result was this adorable (even I say so myself) birthday party checklist which I have put up here as a Free printable for all of you to download and use for your own kids birthday party.

The checklist starts from one month before the date of the party and will give you a heads up on the tasks related to the birthday party celebrations up to the day of the party. It has all the basic party planning tasks along with the timeline to complete them.

With this party planning checklist in your hand you don’t have to second guess when to order the cake or when to buy the return gifts or when to order those decorations online. All you need to do is to print out the list and you are good to go. Plus did I mention how adorable it looks.




How to use the Party planning checklist

The first page is all about the tasks and the timeline to complete them, the second page is for your shopping lists and any sundry notes that you might need for planning the birthday party. But like any other planning tool for this to work, you would need to actually use it. I have started using mine and I can vouch how much more easier it has become to plan this party without the help of any party planner.

So go ahead download the Free printable Birthday party checklist now and plan your next birthday party to a success. Click on the link to download your high-resolution file now.


If you have any ideas for free printables or birthday celebration ideas which will help you in organizing your kids birthday party then do let me know them through your comments.



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  1. Downloaded!! This is a really good checklist, and from my party planning experience, it seems to cover everything!! Super useful!
    Fab’s recent fabulous post…Recipe for the Week – Cheese and Sausage MuffinsMy Profile

    • Thanks Fab! I am glad you think it covers everything and would be useful for you. I love making checklists and this one has to be the favorite. :)

  2. Thank you thank you. I hope this helps. I’m usually all over the place when the birthday arrives.

    • I am glad you think it will help you Tulika and I know what you mean by being all over the place. Been there done that. :)

  3. I m very organised by nature n I m lost if things r not planned in advance!this list takes my party planning to a whole new level!thank u!!!!!

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