Five Reasons I love my Aquaguard GENEUS water purifier

We are a water loving household. We love drinking water more than any other drink.

Colas, juices and other liquids hardly ever make their way around our house because I think the real deal is what really quenches our thirst! Just plain, cool, fresh water. To quote a very wise but filmy character, Geet from Jab We Met “Paani ka kaam paani hi karta hai”.

When we shifted to our new house the one thing I missed the most was the taste of water. That tasteless yet slightly sweet water which actually quenches your thirst. The water around these parts is salty to say the least PLUS the mineral content is pretty high which gives it a bitter aftertaste.

So when I received the Aquaguard GENEUS from Eureka Forbes for review with the promise that it would actually make my water taste better, I had to say YES! We have been using this amazing water purifier for almost two months now and I think I can safely say that OUR FAMILY LOVES IT!

Five Reasons I Love My
Aquaguard GENEUS Water Purifier {Review}

Looks Fabulous

You know how there are some amenities in every house which are not pretty but essential? I always thought a water purifier was one of them. But one look at Aqua Guard Geneus and that thought changed for ever. It looks sophisticated, stylish and compliments my kitchen completely.

No ugly wires, no visible parts and nothing tacky about it – A slim, aesthetic and chic design that will make your kitchen look good!

Improves the taste of water

When I was told that the Aquaguard Geneus would make my water taste sweet, I thought it was an exaggeration. But thanks to the Mineral Modulator technology in geneus, you can set the taste of water while maintaining the balance of mineral content.

You can choose 5 different levels of TDS (Total dissolved Solids) which changes the taste of your water. The tap water constituents in India keeps changing periodically and so it is a boon to be able to change the mineral content of our water.

It took me a few weeks to realize but over the period of time, the taste of the water not only improved but actually became sweet. It was a pleasure to drink this water and there was no aftertaste in my mouth.

State-of-the-art technology

The RO system I was using before Aquaguard was a UV RO water purifier but the GENEUS has G Tech which basically senses the quality of water and chooses the optimum purification technology to use- i.e. RO+UV / UV + UF to purify water.

The Aquaguard genius also has I-Cartridge which even removes very fine particles from water and electronic membrane life enhancer which prevent accumulation of dissolved salts like Calcium and Magnesium – The result is pure crystal clear water.

The GENEUS has an advance warning system which will alert when the water purifier needs maintenance and if it’s not attended to in this 30 day period, it will stop delivering water. Isn’t that just genius?


Gives me the safest water possible

80% of all diseases are water-borne. Thanks to the monsoon, the number of people in our neighborhood suffering from water borne diseases has been increasing day-by-day. It is a comfort to know that due to the e-boiling technology– which means that the water is as pure as water that has been boiled for over 20 minutes– our family especially my daughter is getting to drink the safest possible water.

Is very convenient

There is a brilliant LED display unit on Aquaguard Geneus which shows you the level of water available in the unit and the level of TDS set for optimum taste.

The storage capacity is 7 litres which means I never run out of water and thanks to the water level sensors, I can always know if the water is running low.

It also has an ergonomic stand for keeping the bottles or containers while filling them up which makes it super convenient to fill up water.

The Aquaguard Experience

I know the post title says five Reasons but the sixth one is a very important one. Aquaguard is a name synonymous with safe drinking water. From the moment the Aquaguard specialist comes to install the unit at your house and to using the unit in your daily life you are always reminded why Aquaguard is called as Paani Ka Doctor.