DIY Spring Craft- Diorama for Kids

Spring is the season of colors. Flowers bloom, weather is beautiful and everything around you is just perfect. This is also a great time to do spring crafts for kids. Today Fabida has for us a lovely craft tutorial of a Spring Diorama.

If you are looking for some activities for kids which can be fun and educational then making dioramas will be awesome. Dioramas are great fun to make; you can make one for almost any theme! They are ideal for school projects or just to play with. The season being spring, we have a spring craft themed diorama for today!


Materials Needed:

An empty cereal box

Flexible cardboard, from another cereal box

Colored paper

Picture of a rainbow from a magazine (or paint your own)

Colored pipe cleaners

Thick blue felt or foam

Brown felt or thick fabric

Thin transparent string

Play doh in blue and green

Red stickers

Basic supplies like scotch tape, glue, scissors and paints


1. Cut open a cereal box and fold it as shown in the picture. Stick the short sides together with tape.

2. Paint the inside of the folded long end blue and leave it to dry. Stick on blue paper (we used blue chart paper) to make the sky.

Image 02

3. Cut out a strip of green paper and cut narrow strips halfway down its length to look like grass. Stick this to the bottom of the blue background.

4. Stick on green paper (we used chart paper here too) on the open end of the box for the grass.

5. Cover the outside of the box with colored paper, to hide the fact that we’re using a cereal box.

Image 03

6. Insert the picture of the rainbow behind the grass and stick or glue in place. Stick on cotton balls for clouds. This completes the background.

Image 04

7. To make the butterflies, bend pipe cleaners into an ‘8’ shape, and then bend the middles of both circles of the ‘8’ to resemble butterfly wings. Tie a transparent string to each butterfly and hang it from the top of the sky with tape.

Image 05

8. The flowers can also be made with pipe cleaners; we followed this method. Fix the finished flowers into a flower bed made of play doh.

Image 06

9. For the apple trees, cut out shapes of tree trunks and foliage out of cardboard. Paint them brown and green respectively, and when they’re dry, stick on the red stickers for apples. We used red oval bindis, found in almost every store in India. Help them stand upright using play doh.

Image 07

10. Cut a squiggly shape out of blue felt or foam for the lake/pond. Stick it on the grass floor and surround it with stones made of play doh. On a couple of the stones, insert short pieces of green pipe cleaners for shrubs.

Image 08

11. Finally, the rabbit burrow. Bend a piece of cardboard into a ‘U’ shaped tunnel and cover the outside with brown felt/fabric, stuck in place with glue. Stick the two ends of the burrow itself on the grass floor. Cut out tiny strips of brown felt to make dried grass and line the entrance of the burrow with it.

Image 09

Image 10

There, our spring diorama is complete!! This is really easy to make and doesn’t require too many fancy elements. Now all you need to do is put in some spring specific animals and birds to complete the scene. Add some bunnies and chicks to make an Easter theme. Here is the diorama with a duck and a rabbit family: