DIY Birthday Invitation Cards

Finally I can reveal the theme of my daughter’s birthday party – It is a pool party! And no we don’t have a pool! Neither do we have any plans to rent a place with a pool. Since my daughter was really keen on having a pool party, I decided to throw one in our backyard with a big wading pool. The weather is getting warm here in Delhi and it is just the right time to have a kiddie pool party. I might share my birthday party ideas for a pool themed kids birthday party in a separate post soon.

In my post about planning a birthday party on a budget I had mentioned that one way to save money could be to make the birthday invites yourself. Not only does this help you stay in your budget but it also gives a personal and unique touch to your birthday invitation cards. Keeping in mind our pool theme, here is what I came up with. Tada! Here are our DIY pool party flip flop invitation cards.

DIY Flip Flop Invitation Cards

I think flip flops are synonymous with any pool or beach theme birthday party and these birthday party invitations are a fun way to announce my theme while inviting the guests. It is quite a simple card to make and doesn’t even need a lot of supplies. The best part about it is that it cost me less than Rs 200/- to make 10 cards. These birthday invitations are personalized, customized and unique but definitely not heavy on my pocket.


Here is what you need to make them

Card Stock in various colors
Satin ribbons in different colors
Fabric flowers
Glue and glue dots
Punching Machine or Perforator
A flip flop ( I used my daughter’s)
How to make the cards

1. Take a sheet of card stock and draw the outline of flip flop on it. Cut it out with the scissors and using this as a template cut out as many as you need.

2. Now make a hole in the top part of the flip flop shape. Get two pieces of ribbon through the hole and stick the ends at the back of the flip flop shape. Now take each of the other end of the ribbons and stick them on the back of the flip flop so that they look like the straps of the flip flops.

3. Now take a fabric flower and stick it on the center hole. I used Fevicol glue dots to stick the flower to the card stock. I tried using normal craft glue at first but that didn’t work. Glue dots did the trick without any mess.

flip flop invitations

4. Now cut out rectangle shaped card stocks which are only slightly bigger than the flip flop shape you made.

5. Now stick the flip flop shape on the rectangle card.

6. Using Markers write the wordings on the card whichever way you like. Since ours is a small and intimate gathering I have not mentioned the address or RSVP details on the card. But if you like you can write it on the back of the card.

7. You can modify these cards with beads on strings instead of ribbon and instead of flowers you can use some other shape.

8. Voila your handmade pool party invitation cards are ready to be sent out.


More Ideas for DIY Birthday Invitation Cards
Here are a few more ideas for DIY birthday invitation cards that I really like and can do well with lots of themes.

homemade birthday invitation ideas

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