Digital Parenting With eKavach PRO

eKavach was the original motivation for me to start a new category on the blog for Digital Parenting (Click here to read our post on eKavach and Digital Parenting). With today’s kids learning to operate a smartphone before they are potty trained, we need to be aware and educated about parenting this digital generation.

Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking and Internet addiction are just a few of the threats our kids are facing on the Internet. Online safety of our kids needs to be a priority with every parent. That’s why it gives me so much pleasure to introduce you to eKavach PRO. An updated version of the first version of the app which has many more important features for positive parenting of our internet-savvy kids.

eKavach, as you might know, is India’s No.1 Digital Parenting Application, which helps parents analyze the online activities of their kids and empower parents to make better decisions about the online safety of their kids. Let’s take a quick recap of the features of eKavach version 1.0 before I introduce you to the useful and unique features of eKavach PRO.

FEATURES OF eKavach 1.0- Digital Parenting Application
Intelligent Web Filtering – Real time filtering to block specific web categories, inappropriate content and set time limits.
Application Management – Monitor applications and time being spent on each app.
Access Control- Simple to use and easy to configure controls to customize each child’s internet experience.
Real-time alerts- Monitoring your child’s online activities real-time, all the time, with instant notifications on your phone.
Smartphone Notifications & Dashboard- Real time notifications, the moment any boundaries are breached by your child.
Multi user and flexible family definition – Monitor and control as many devices as you need.
Safe Search Makes sure all search results are appropriate and do not contain any adult, profane or objectionable materials.
Now eKavach is back with a massive update on its features and I am happy to present to you the eKavach PRO

eKavach PRO simplifies your Digital Parenting experience with its unique features. Here are the new features in eKavach PRO

eKavach PRO Features
eKavach PRO


A boon for parents of teens, with the Heartbeat feature you can track the actual physical location of your child and be reassured about their safety. Heartbeat tracks the child device reach and a loss of device heartbeat will be available with Geo Location. If the coordinates suggest any cause for alarm, parents can take action in time.

Offline Alerts
eKavach PRO Alerts

Even if you are disconnected from the Internet, you will keep receiving notifications via SMS. The notifications will be categorized as ‘urgent’, ‘alert’ or ‘information.

Family Time
eKavach PRO

Tired of asking your kids to put down their tabs and phones on the dinner table? Simply define family time on eKavach and all Internet and application access will be blocked for that period of time. All apps and Internet also cease to work after SLEEP TIME and are activated only at the defined WAKE UP TIME. Enjoy your family time without gadgets!

More control over applications
eKavach Application Management

With the PRO update, parents not only know what apps are being downloaded but are also given detailed information about what the app does. Based on their understanding of the app functions, parents can choose limited access or block the access completely, if they feel the app is not required or is not appropriate for the kids.

View Dashboard Stats of your child’s online activities
eKavach PRO Internet safety

View and analyze your child’s complete online activity, including sites visited or tried to visit, type of apps downloaded etc, from your child’s activity dashboard.

Remotely Manage Activities
eKavach Access-Management

No need to be a helicopter parent. You can manage and monitor the app whether you are in office, travelling, at home or anywhere else.

eKavach PRO Categories

Even though there are certain sites which are not meant for kids, like adult or extremely violent sites, but children can intentionally or unintentionally access these sites. The categorization feature creates an automatic whitelist of sites based on the child’s age (which can be further customized by the parent). Categories which are not deemed to be suitable for children are blocked.

Emergency notification to parentseKavach PRO Emergency
Since eKavach has both parent and child app, children can easily reach out to parents in any emergency. An SOS message is sent to parents with a one-click button. The SOS message also contains the geo coordinates of the child.

Communication with parents
Child application also allows children to send messages to parents throughout the day and keep them updated with their location and movement.

How to Download eKavach PRO

I am sure as a concerned and informed parent, you are eager to download this PRO version of the eKavach app.

The good news is that the eKavach PRO app is available completely FREE right now!

The bad news is that it is FREE only for a limited time. So download right away!

You can download it from google play store. It’s compatible with Android devices on OS version 4.0 or above.