Craft Ideas for Kids- Our Shoebox Dollhouse

I love recycling stuff, seemingly waste stuff being converted into something pretty and useful is one of the best things I like. I am always saving bits and ends from any thing we do, whether it is shopping, any project that we do, gifts that come to our house or even old magazines. This week all those little treasures came together to make something beautiful and it is one of the best activities for kids.

When I bought school uniform for my daughter’s kindergarten class it also included a pair of black shoes. Once the school started and the shoe was out of the box, the shoebox was just lying there taunting me to make something out of it. Trusting the good old google guru I decided to search for some shoebox crafts for kids which my daughter would like. When I found out some art and craft ideas to make a dollhouse out of a shoebox, I knew I had struck gold because my daughter loves dollhouses.

So with just a few supplies and a super enthusiastic daughter I tried my hand at making a shoebox dollhouse and here is our final result. Our Dollhouse (or rather a doll’s bedroom) made out of a shoebox.

Dollhouse from Shoebox

What you need

An empty shoebox

Colored/Patterned paper

Old magazines

Empty medicine boxes


Buttons, Mirrors, flowers, net etc. to decorate the dollhouse

Crafts from Shoebox

How we made it

We flipped through the magazine and found out designs which made a pretty headboard and a window with a view. Samaira had the task of pasting these on the side walls of our box and she did an awesome job.

Next we measured,cut and pasted colored sheets on the ceiling and the floor of the box.

To make the bed and dresser, we painted medicine boxes. Again Sam did this with so much finesse that even I was surprised. With pink patterned paper we covered the bed and drew the drawers with markers.

My daughter was insistent that she wanted a canopy for the bed. So I created one with some leftover net and a wooden button (a part of a toy that had fallen off, see I try to recycle everything!)

Shoebox Craft

We stuck some mirrors for the dresser. With buttons and glass pipes we created string lights and a fabric flower left from our flip flop birthday invitations became wall art.

With letters cut out from the magazine we wrote “princess Sam’s House”. We made this into a letter game and Samaira had to look for each of the words and letters in the magazine and then we cut it out.

All that remained was our cute little doll to come in and live in the dollhouse. What’s even better we can just close it up after playing and it super compact and easy to store.