Christmas Gifts at The Pipal Christmas Bazaar {Review & Christmas Giveaway}

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Have you started shopping for Christmas gifts yet? No! Well, we are in the same boat then. I have not really got around to buy all my Christmas presents yet but hopefully soon. Meanwhile if you are looking for some great Christmas gifts for Kids then you can’t miss the Christmas Bazaar by The Pipal.

The Pipal is one of my favorite kids room decor brands and not only because of their immaculate quality products and awesome variety but also for their efficient service and speedy delivery. You can read about why I love The Pipal products so much and also see how I used their colorful curtains to add some magic to my daughter’s room.

Their Christmas sale is just as wonderful as all the special collections they bring out. Here is a sneak peek of all that is on offer at the bazaar. For more you can visit their Christmas bazaar by the ad link given in the sidebar.


There are wonderful Christmas gifts for kids like Christmas photo album, Christmas gift bags, Christmas aprons, Merry Christmas cushion and lots more. 


Review of Christmas Photo Album by The Pipal 

I received a beautiful Christmas photo album for review with Santa & Christmas tree appliques and my daughter’s name embroidered on it.

This photo album has a removable personalized album cover. The photo album can be used for 200 photos of 5″ X 7″ size.

{Price- Rs 899/-}

It was just too exciting for my little one who has just started recognizing her name alphabets to see it written on the album. In fact it was like Christmas had come early for her. Needless to say she was inseparable from the album since then. She got all the photo prints that I had of her put in the album immediately. Here are a few pics of her with her early Christmas present.

 It will be lovely to cherish all our Christmas memories in this beautiful album. Every year it could be used to store the Christmas pictures and in time this will become a wonderful keepsake. 



Since Christmas is all about sharing and caring how could I leave out my lovely readers. The Pipal is sponsoring a wonderful Christmas giveaway for all our wonderful readers.





You can win not one, but two of these cute and Christmas-y gift bags for your little ones. Imagine how happy they will be to receive their presents in this Christmas gift bag. A set of 4 bags costs Rs 999/- and you can win it here absolutely free.


You can also win a wonderful Merry Christmas Cushion. The red and green holiday colors will make it the perfect addition to your kids room. The Cushion costs Rs 499/- and again you can get it from the giveaway at absolutely no cost!!

1ST Prize   2 Christmas Gift bags 

2nd Prize 2 Christmas Gift bags 

3rd Prize  1 Merry Christmas Cushion


  1. Just go to the website of The Pipal i.e. and choose any one product that would be a wonderful Christmas gift.
  2. Copy the product link in the browser to the comment section. Write one line about why this would make a great Christmas gift.
  3. Fulfill the name, email and other details. Submit!
  4. That’s it! You are now eligible for the giveaway

 Last Date for the entry is 20th December 2012. The giveaway is open to Indian residents only. 

 Just to make sure you realize how cute and adorable these gift bags are, here are a few pics of Sam with her “favorite Santa bag” (her words!!). The bag carries all her important stuff like Reindeer stuff toy, barbie phone, sunglasses & lots of other knick knacks.**Ha Ha**

I am looking forward to putting the bag filled with her gifts under the Christmas tree soon.



So hurry and enter the giveaway now!!

Swapna Thomas is the editor and founder at, an award winning Parenting blog. She quit the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom and in the process, discovered a whole new career. She truly believes that happy moms = happy world. She also coaches moms to start their online business. She loves sufi music and spends way more time daydreaming than one should.

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    The Christmas train body cushion would make a wonderful X’mas gift, doubling up as a toy (with all the finger puppets) and a cushion!

    • Thanks for entering the giveaway Sneha! The cushion is really cute and I love these finger puppets. I bought these for my daughter when she was 1 and we still play with them. :)

    • Hey Sneha! Congrats for winning the third prize in the giveaway. Please send me your home address ASAP.

    Has to be the apron what with Hrit so taken in with all things culinary. We’re planning on making some brownies for Christmas for all his friends.. so the apron it is.

  3. Neha Kanaujia says: Nothing captures the beauty of a moment than a perfect picture! A Christmas album will be a treasure house of such beautiful moments and memories

    • Absolutely Neha! It is an amazing album and I am so happy to have received it for review. It is festive and perfect for Christmas memories.

  4. Swapna I love little pipal products, infact little pipal were the ones whom I first came across.. when I got a custom Quilt done almost a year back. But havent bought anything for a very long time. Your giveaway got me reminded of how cool their products are. And this Christmas what could be better than get something for the kiddos bedroom! I love the Vallances they have especially the rainbow valance. Love the backpacks as well! Its difficult to choose just one thing ! Damn moms are greedy arent they? Is it okay to settle down for 2 favorite products 😀

    Good luck with the giveaway girl!! :)
    poonam’s recent fabulous post…Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes with ButterScotch Whipped Cream frostingMy Profile

    • Thanks a lot babes! You are always so supportive of all my endeavors. :) Yes! The little pipal products are definitely among the best in the market. The Rainbow valance has been on my list too. I wish there was a literal tree of money to keep buying all these cute goodies every day.

  5. For me more than anything Christmas is about sharing happiness, togetherness and goodness. Aren’t these bright adorable Drawstring & Christmas Gift Bags just perfect for the season. Share the joy of Christmas with these cute little bags (which come in set of 4).

    • Totally Falak! I saw these bags are it is perfect to give Christmas gifts to little kids. Thanks for the comment dear. :)

  6. deepika mehta says:


    • Deepika that is a great idea! Using these finger puppets to teach animal names is perfect. I also bought these for my daughter when she was around one and we still use them for story time now when she is 3.5 :)

  7. I would like to choose Photo Album. As I can cherish memories all my life.
    Disha’s recent fabulous post…Christmas Craft Ideas & InspirationMy Profile

  8. Hey Swapna,

    Thanks a ton for bringing these awesome companies to our notice. Really appreciate it. I can buy lotsa things from them when I set up Pahal’s room.. hihihi.. and thanks for hosting the giveaway too 😀

    Here is my fav gift item –

    I think in times of snow and winters, it would be a great to gift a sunshine bean chair to kids and bring sunny rays to their room. This chair would make their Christmas even more colorful and joyful. I would love to have this chair in my daughter’s room. :)
    Surabhi @ Womanatics’s recent fabulous post…Every Couple Needs a Break..My Profile

    • Thanks a lot for entering the giveaway Surabhi! I am sure that once you are based in Delhi you would definitely end up buying lots of stuff for Pahal’s room from The Pipal. :)

  9. shilpa bindlish says:

    For my junior, this “Apple of Our Eyes Double Bedspread” with his name embroidered on it wud be perfect Christmas gift ….

    coz just only few days back, he has been taught in his class the meaning of ‘Apple of my eyes’ and i wish to make him realize that its entirely n exclusively my token of love for my only child :)

    thumbs up for this nice theme 😀

  10. Swarup Behera says:
    Why just moms? even we dads are smitten by this product of pipal – christmas album.With christmas drawing closer and days being filled with the hustle and bustle of getting presents wrapped,sending cards etc,a better way to remind ourselves about the lovly gift options available is to visit the pipal online portal.My sister reads your blog and she showed me this wonderful album which is on its way for my just born baby boy.When we see the products ,the excitement is like potent caffiene- no matter what the age.However much I dread the rush to complete my long list of gifts and cards that are to be sent,my search for them has become easier with this portal that we accidently stumbled upon your blog.Thanks Ms Sapna Thomas.With pipal gifts I can very well say that the christmas warmth enfolds in our hearts as well as our homes.

    • Thank you so much for lovely and heartfelt comment Swarup. I am really touched that your sister reads my blog and finds it good enough to share with her loved ones. I am sure you will love the album as well as the other little pipal products. Best of luck for the giveaway!

  11. Aprajita trivedi says:

    fore my kiddo this will be the perfect gift
    ‘coz i always treat him like my prince and this will give him the true feeling of prince with cute touch of innocence.

    • This bean chair cover is indeed very special cos it conveys the heartfelt feelings of a parent for their child. Thanks Aprajita for your comment. :)

    These are finger pupets a perfect gift for my little one. This will not only give him new friends for himself but also help him to learn how to speak nicely.He has just started speanking few words.This will definately bring smile on my son’s face this Christmas.
    Puja Saxena’s recent fabulous post…Christmas Gifts at The Pipal Christmas Bazaar {Review & Christmas Giveaway}My Profile

    • I am sure your son will love this the finger puppets. Have used them and they are very cute. :) Thanks for the comment Puja. :)

  13. its Magnetic Wooden Alphabets A–Z – Set. Best gift for my son.My son will be going to school for the 1st time from next month.I m super excited and i think this will be the best gift for him.This will help him learn alpahabits and enjoy learning them too…
    Archana Pandet’s recent fabulous post…Christmas Gifts at The Pipal Christmas Bazaar {Review & Christmas Giveaway}My Profile

    • Oh thanks Archana! I don’t know how I had missed this product from Pipal. This is absolutely wonderful for a child just starting school. Great pick!

  14.!/TheMomViews?fref=ts These Mommy Totes are not only attractive but also very useful.This is a perfect gift for me this christmas as I can flont my Totes to the world and also carry my little ones stuff along with it. I am loving it…

  15. This bean bag is exceptionally different and beautiful.My son is definately going to like this one. This will help me in speanding some more time with my son as it seems to be more comfortable.I think this is a perfect gift for my whole family for this christmas…

    • Thanks for the comment Umesh. It does look very comfortable and I am sure it will be a lovely addition to your house this Christmas. :)

  16. This Sports bagpack can be the perfect gift for my grandson who will be attending his school from the next month.I want to give him something which is not only useful to him but also smart and trendy.I think this is a perfect gifting option for my grandson this christmas…

  17. Very cute products. So is your little daughter!

  18. I have loved thi Wooden Number Fridge Magnets – Set of 25.This is simply amaizing its attractive and help my kid to learn numbers easily.I think this is the most appropriate gift for my chil this christmas as he is about to study numbers from next year.And i also know he will be very happy to receive thisone.

  19. My grandson will be going to school from next year and i think a Racer Junior Backpack will be the most appropriate gift for him this christmas.Its smart,colorful , useful and attractive.I am also sure he will love this backpack as he is found of cars a lot.

  20. ,its a Rainbow Valance
    This is a perfect gift not only for my kid but also me.We are shifting to our new apartment next year and our kids bedroom is under process. we have decided a colorful theme for our children and this Rainbow Valance will go with the theme very nicely.This one is so good.I am sure my kids will love one in ther new room..

  21. Meenakshi Kapur says:

    This would make a great Christmas gift as kids start to learn alphabets that is,A B C D and this quilt has cute animals along with alphabets which helps our kids to identify and learn interestingly as we teach them with some stories built around alphabets and kids identify these letters :)

  22. I have selected its a Lil Butterfly Personalized Photo Album. This is not only the best christmas gift for my son but also an appropriate birthday gift for him.His Birthday is on 25th Dec and he will turn 2years old that day.I m so exicted about this day.This photo album is very colorful n attarctive and i know it will be best way to treasure all the precious moments spent with my son..

  23. Well done Swapna on this year’s Christmas Theme…amazing! I would say both these products would be excellent gifts: , simply because Christmas is a time that the ovens are warm and the stove is hot. It would make for an excellent gift for the poor mums who are behind the counter most of the time.

    Then again, for me Christmas is always about the children and now that I have a precious lil angel…its all about her:) So these cute little Christmas gift bags would be amazing. Back home, I have 4 little nephews and nieces and with my little one that would make it 5. For families with children of 4 or 5, what better to give than these cute little Christmas drawstring bags. That would also mean no comparing as they all have the same kinda bag:)

    Hope you have a lovely, warm and spiritually enriching Christmas day and wonderful year to come!
    Georgina’s recent fabulous post…Turkey Roast Delight- A Thanksgiving Special for Christmas!My Profile

    • Hey Georgina! Congrats for winning the first prize in the giveaway. Please send me your home address ASAP.

      • Thank you Swapna, and What a wonderful way to begin the Christmas week! I am truly thankful! My little one is overjoyed that her mama won a “gift”. She does not quite understand winning, prizes, etc now. I am just so glad she is thankful:) …she sends a warm, smiley thank you to you all. May you all have a wonderful, spiritually enriching and warm Christmas with your families.
        Georgina’s recent fabulous post…Christmas Shortbread CookiesMy Profile

  24. Snehal Saraiya says:
    The Mosaic Valance is so cute.. Could do a great job with the bedtime stories to add the dramatic scene in the bedroom.

  25. Namita Joshi says:

    My 4 year old is super excited about Christmas and that Santa will be coming to her School and is busy practicing Jingle Bell. I would love to include the Christmas Photo Album in her gifts. It would be a great pastime to craft all her photos in age order and she would be thrilled to show it to her friends.

  26. I’d love this one: The album. I am sure that my twin boys would be thrilled to bits when they see a personalised album. Another reason why I want it for the boys is because I can print out pictures of them. With over tens of thousands of pics I have till now, I want to pick up the most special ones and make it a wonderful memory for them. No matter how old they would be, I am sure they will love the pics!
    Pratibha Pal’s recent fabulous post…Using DiffusersMy Profile

  27. name Plaque will thrill my son “Ayaan”. This will be best for his room.He loves cars and blue color.This is different and unique.I am sure this will be the perfect Christmas gift for him.

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