Barbie Theme Birthday Party

It’s been a month to Samaira’s Birthday and I am really ashamed that it has taken me a month to write a post about her birthday party. But there were unavoidable circumstances and reasons which delayed me. All said and done, better late than never!!!

It was Samaira’s 5th Birthday and since she has been in a Barbie phase for a while, we decided to top it up with a Barbie theme for her birthday party. This time again I had no hired help for the party but had lot of help in the form of my husband and my family especially my brother and his wife.

So without further ado let’s take a tour of the sparkly and gorgeous Barbie’s birthday party! I hope you love our Barbie Theme Birthday Party Ideas.

Barbie Theme Birthday Party
No of Guests : 40

Location : Our Backyard

Time : 4 pm to 6 pm

Barbie Theme Party Invitations

I really lucked out this time and got the link to a gorgeous editable printable for a Barbie Party invitation from TomKat Studio. All I had to do was to download, edit and hit print on Photo paper. Tada! It’s simple yet chic!


Birthday Theme Party Decorations

We went for pink and white balloons along with a splash of black. I bought lot of customized decorations for the party from an online store. We again outsourced the balloons and chairs and by the end it was looking like Barbie land in our backyard.




Pink and White balloons


Barbie Theme Party Dress

Since we had so much pink in the decor, I didn’t want Sam to wear a typical pink barbie dress. Instead we bought a pale grey and pink dress, which we accessorized with pink satin shoes and a flower tiara. She looked like an angel!


Barbie Birthday Party Cake

This time we had our local bakery do the cake and it was a fabulous experience. The owner of the shop took care of each and every detail and even threw in a couple of freebies like the crown, candle and the miniature barbie on the cake. Again I didn’t want a typical barbie cake with a barbie doll in the middle and thousands of rosettes. We went for a cake which had the thinnest fondant layer ever (I am not very fond of fondant!) and the cake inside was just super delicious.


Barbie Theme Party Food

Since I had not been keeping well before the party, I didn’t want to take too much on and cook everything at home. At the cake table we had customized water bottles, chocolates, juices and some finger food for the kids. For food we had pizzas, rolls and sandwiches.



Barbie Theme Party Games

Since it was a Barbie theme party, we had a girls only party. I made a parcel out of lots of different gift wrapping sheets and each layer had a small gift like a shaped eraser, a pencil or wooden photo clips etc. The centre of the parcel had a barbie stationery kit for the final winner. The kids played pass the parcel and the excitement to open each layer was to be seen to believed.

The kids also played musical chairs on Barbie movie songs and finally had a dance session on Barbie songs. I had no idea that the Barbie movie songs were so popular among kids.

We also had a pinata full of candies, erasers, hair clips, crazy balls etc and it was fun to see kids grabbing stuff but also sharing with their friends.

Finally the kids settled down to watch Barbie movie : Princess and the Popstar on the television.