5 Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake

When I first read about 5 minute Chocolate mug cakes, I didn’t think it was possible to have a tasty Chocolate cake in five minutes. The food blog world was going gaga about these Mug cakes and in fact one blogger dubbed it as the most dangerous cake in the world because it can literally be ready in just five minutes. A cake any time it strikes your fancy, that sure is dangerous for your waistline.

Yesterday night when chocolate craving set in, I decided to test this 5 minute Mug cake and if it went well then it could also be great for occasional desserts after food. (I have mentioned about my family’s sweet tooth haven’t I?)

So I made this Eggless Chocolate cake in a mug and I have to confess not even in my wildest dreams I ever thought that this easy chocolate cake would be as delicious as it turned out to be. There is absolutely no mess because the entire mixing takes place in a single mug and takes exactly five minutes from start to finish. I couldn’t resist sharing this chocolate cake recipe with all my lovely readers. Enjoy!!


5 Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

(Adapted from What’s Cooking Mom)

 Preparation Time : 3 Minutes

Cooking Time: 2 Minutes

Serves 1


2 tbsp Flour (Maida)

2 tbsp Sugar

1 tbsp Cocoa

1/4 tsp Baking Powder

A Pinch of Salt

1 Tbsp Fresh Cream or Oil ( I used Fresh Cream)

1 Tbsp Milk

Strawberry Jam (Optional)

Drinking Chocolate or Powdered Sugar (Optional)


  1. Use a Microwave Safe Mug. The Mug should be able to hold at least 250 ml otherwise the cake will spill over.
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients in the mug. Now add the cream and Milk to the Mug.
  3. Mix well till there are no lumps and no flour is sticking to the bottom of the mug.
  4. Now keep the Mug inside the microwave and cook the cake on HIGH for 2 minutes.
  5. After 2 minutes check if a fork  inserted in the cake comes out clean. If not, keep the cake for another 30 seconds.
  6. If you add an egg to the mixture then the cake will be a bit more light and airy.
  7. If you want to decorate the cake just sprinkle a bit of  drinking chocolate or Powdered sugar and use strawberry jam as a topping.

The cake is absolutely delicious and will definitely satisfy your chocolate cravings.

You can also use nuts or fresh fruits to add to the flavor some more.

If you are making more than one Mug cake then add only one mug at a time to the microwave.

Do make this 5 Minute wonder and share with me if you liked the cake


Swapna Thomas is the editor and founder at TheMomViews.com, an award winning Parenting blog. She quit the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom and in the process, discovered a whole new career. She truly believes that happy moms = happy world. She also coaches moms to start their online business. She loves sufi music and spends way more time daydreaming than one should.

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  1. You’re right, this is a dangerous cake!! But it also comes in handy on rainy days when your preschooler is bored and wants chocolate cake RIGHT NOW!! I posted a similar recipe on my blog, but with egg :-) It would be a good idea to mix the dry ingredients and store it in a jar, so you have an instant cake mix!!
    Fab’s recent fabulous post…Journal Your Ramadan – Day 17 (And an Outfit Post!!)My Profile

    • That is a great tip Fab. Yeah I think it would be a great idea to make a pre-mix and store it to make the cake. Will definitely check out your recipe too. :)

  2. nice one.. loved the tips..
    but any idea how to make it without an oven..
    we bachelors dont have a oven with us but would like to experiment it.. :)

    • Hey Christophe, I don’t think you can make this cake without Microwave but I know another cake recipe that gets done in the pressure cooker in like 10 minutes. Will share that soon!!

  3. Ramya Nair says:

    This is amazing Swapna. Morning when I was thinking what to pack in my preschooler’s snack box, I tried this recipe and it came out very well. :)

    • So sorry to just get back to you now Ramya but with my brother’s wedding I was a bit frazzled. I am so thankful that you left this comment because it makes me feel so good when someone tries my recipe and it comes out well cos I am not a very accomplished cook but just a learner. :)

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