5 Best VPN for Android

Are you an Android user? What do you usually do on your android smartphone? If one of your answers is that surfing the Internet, have you thought about the issue of privacy and security? As we know that internet security, nowadays, becomes the primary issue people concern on. Particularly android, it is very vulnerable toward cybecrime, for instance, viruses, malware, and so on.

If you are the kind of person, then, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), is the answer on the internet security issue as it allows you to use the internet more securely when you surf on the public Wifi network. Further, it enables you to unblock regional restrictions so that you can access the website that probably certain area block.

What to Consider in Determining the VPN Services

There are a number of things you have to think over choosing the VPN services you choose for your Android, such as functionality, data logging, server location, and price. When we talk about the functionality of the VPN services, it refers to the IP addresses the providers offer. A number of providers use the IP protocols that are too advanced so that they blocked. So make sure that the VPN services you subscribe do not have their IP addresses blocked by any parties so that you can access all content from the Internet you want to.

Then, it is vital to be your concern to make sure your VPN providers do not log your data in order to guarantee your privacy. Then, it is very focal to know the location of the server of the VPN providers you are using. The closer the server, faster it is. If you want to access the content which only particular country can access, make sure that your VPN provider is the one based in that country.  Finally, the price offered by the providers are very competitive. So, it is very economically wise to review the price and services given and adjust it to your financial condition.

Some VPN Services for Android

There are a number of VPN services offered by the providers for your Android device. They are vyprvpn, ExpressVPN, ipvanishvpn, PIA, and SaferVPN. As stated previously, it is very vital to determine the server location of the VPN services you are using. VyprVPN, then fulfill your needs as it has an extensive choice of a server located over the globe. ExpressVPN can be considered as the trusted and top VPN service you can use as it is compatible with the Android, has high performance client software, excellent security, has no data log, and has its server located in a wide range of the world. The next, IPvanish offers you with high speed connection and is available on all platforms, such as android, windows, mac. PIA, the other option of VPN services, offers you with IPv6 leak protection and VPN kill switch, and flashed routers for your privacy concern. The last, SaferVPN, has above standard connection speed, easy access, well designed, and is reliable for the desktop use as well.