10 Printables to get organized and happy this New year

Happy New Year to all our wonderful readers!!!

Technically we are one week into the new year but hey it is still a good time to wish you for the new year. I am back after a blogging break during which I spent a lot of quality time with my family, took care of my unwell daughter and thought a lot about organizing my new year in a healthy and happy way.

Well, when I want to organize stuff it gives me a lot of clarity when I write things down. So I went in search for printables that would help me plan for a smoother and organized 2013 and as usual the internet didn’t disappoint me .

Here are my ten favorite and free printables to start off 2013, a fresh new year on a great note.

Goals and Resolutions

New year Intentions Journal Make some good intentions for the new year, reflect on what you learnt about the past year and set some goals you hope to achieve this year with this simple one page journal.

New Year’s resolutions list Get your resolutions ( yes the ones we break every year) in writing so that you have a written reminder of what you hope to achieve this New Year.

Printable New year’s Resolutions If you have not been able to narrow down on what goals or resolutions to make for 2013 then these are pretty great to start with. Print them off and display somewhere where you can see them every day. My favorite – ” Say ‘I love You’ more”

Goals for the New Year I have always liked the word goals better than resolutions. Set some achievable goals for yourself and track your progress with this printable.

Prepare your home for the new year

The house Planner Whether it is the daily to-do list, weekly list, priority list of tasks, family contact numbers or anything you want to keep your house organized this printable will help you for that.

Weekly PlannerThis weekly planner will help you plan out your weekly goals, stay on top of your household chores, stick to your fitness routine and even your water intake.

Blog Planner This one is my for all my blogger friends and god knows we need a planner. From writing down ideas, planning giveaways, scheduling a calendar and reviewing the blog statistics this blogging planner does it all.

Have Fun this New Year

Birthday Calendar Don’t miss out on wishing and buying a gift for a near and dear one’s birthday in 2013. This pretty and printable birthday calendar will help you make your loved ones birthday even more special.

Everyday Photos Checklist Never miss out on a photo op of your lovely family with this wonderful printable which will help you with tons of ideas for clicking special pictures.

Ways to show love to your kids Although I am sure all of us show our love to our kids all the time but having a printed reminder would not hurt. My favorites in the list are “have an impromptu dance party” and “help them write a letter to someone they love”. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to “be present” for my daughter so this list is just what I need to remind myself of that.