DIY Solar System Model


Welcome to The Mom Views!! If you are new here, please do subscribe to our free newsletter! . Happy Parenting!Earth Day is observed on April 22 every year, and is the day considered to be the start of a global movement to save the environment. For young kids, this day might not sound very important, but we can always do little things at home to ensure that they are at least aware of how people are trying to help save {Read More}

India Circus Review- Designer and Contemporary Home Decor Products in India


Online shopping for home decor products in India has gone off the charts lately. There are so many options to choose from, whether your house decor style is Modern, ethnic, royal, rustic, cottage, oriental, boho chic, eclectic ,contemporary or so on. There are so many websites and independent boutiques that cater to every decor whim of yours.  But one name has always stood out for their “designer sensibility meets Indian eclectic” style. Meet India Circus by Krsna Mehta. ( Click here {Read More}

How to Plan a Birthday Party with Picnic Theme


 The weather is getting hotter and soon it’ll be blazing! Before it gets so hot that we can’t step outside, why not make the most of the present climate and have a picnic based birthday party for your child who is born in the most beautiful weather of the year – Spring!! When it’s a picnic party, it’s bound to be lots of fun! In case it’s really hot and you’d like to opt for a pool party instead, check {Read More}

Gorgeous Invitation Cards and Personalized Stationery by 61c


Stationery! Oh how I love it! I can spend hours and hours in a stationery shop browsing beautiful things like note books, diaries, planners, cards, notepads,  practical stuff like files, folders, staplers, pins, binder clips and fun stuff like stickers, party accessories, wall stickers and more. It’s tough to find beautiful yet practical stationery in India, imagine my surprise then to find an online store full of gorgeous invites, fine stationery and lots of fun stuff. Introducing 61c  (their website {Read More}

How to be a Mom Blogger in India – Part 2


So last time I talked about whether you had what it takes to me a mom blogger. You read and you nodded your head along and now all you want to do is start your own blog. (Missed the first post? Here is Part I for you) Then read along and read carefully because I am going to pour out my many years of wisdom into this post (just kidding but I have a few good tips). Before you embark {Read More}

DIY Spring Craft- Diorama for Kids


Spring is the season of colors. Flowers bloom, weather is beautiful and everything around you is just perfect. This is also a great time to do spring crafts for kids. Today Fabida has for us a lovely craft tutorial of a Spring Diorama. If you are looking for some activities for kids which can be fun and educational then making dioramas will be awesome. Dioramas are great fun to make; you can make one for almost any theme! They are {Read More}

5 Educational Websites for Kids

educational websites for kids

In most families now, kids are either done with their exams or waiting for them to end. There’s usually a break from school after this, which is obviously more than welcome! While you’re planning how to get them to spend their free days, how about including some screen time that can be fun as well as educational? Here we list out 5 fun and educational websites for kids of all ages. All of these are child-friendly sites, yet it is {Read More}

How to be a Mom Blogger in India {Part 1}


Some questions that I get asked a lot are about blogging. What is mom blogging, how do you earn any money from blogging and how can I be a mom blogger? First of all, let me clarify to you that I don’t consider myself an expert in blogging by any stretch. I have been blogging for more than 2 years now and consistently for a year or so. I have learnt a LOT, some of it through trial and error, {Read More}