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Welcome to The Mom Views!! If you are new here, please do subscribe to our free newsletter! . Happy Parenting!Today I am bringing a cute new brand for you which will help you in buying sweet accessories for your kids. Introducing which has a tagline of dressing kids Head2Toe, is a wonderful place to shop for your baby, kids and even mom needs, all from the comfort of your house. Before we take a look at all the fabulous {Read More}

15 Earth Day Party Ideas

Earth Day Ideas

  It’s Earth Day on April 22, and it’s a great opportunity to talk to our kids about the problems our planet is facing today and what they can do to help. But if you want to spread the message a little further than your own kids, it’s easy – just throw a party!! We’re serious, have an Earth Day themed party for your kids and their friends; the very theme will get them talking about this day. It’s the {Read More}

7 Ways To Add Color And Personality To Your Living Room

Fk Collage

  Remember that song? “Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar, kisiko dekhna ho gar, toh pehle aake maangle teri nazar meri nazar” This is how I feel every time I look at my house. It’s not just a brick and mortar structure for me, it’s a dream that me and my husband saw when we had just got married. A home where we have enough space for our dreams, our visions and our life. A home which is decorated in {Read More}

7 Fun (and almost Free) Things to Do with your Kids

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  “Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun” – Nina Dobrev  Kids are born party animals who know how to have a good time! All they need is a peek-a-boo or a funny song to burst into laughter. They don’t need any expensive gadget preloaded with sugar-laden games. Remember how your toddler always insisted on playing with the box, completely ignoring the expensive toy which needed 25 batteries to work? That’s the thing about kids; they {Read More}

The Truth About Your Child’s Favorite Packaged Foods

Packaged Foods For Kids

  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates 7th April is observed as World Health Day with a different aspect of health being focused on every year. This year, the focus is on safe food, the slogan being ‘From farm to plate, make food safe’. As you can imagine, this obviously refers to how much food gets modified on it’s way to our plates. With nearly everything available in packaged form these days, it has become {Read More}

15 Easy Pencil Crafts for Kids

pencil crafts

  It’s summer and this means  vacation for some kids and a short holiday before going back to school, for others. Anyway, everyone’s exams are done with and there’s some free time on hand, so it’s a great idea to bring out some cool art and craft ideas for kids and make sure you use those the craft supplies! Speaking of supplies, you probably have a lot of pencils left over from the previous academic year, so why not make {Read More}

Baby Stroller Review- Graco Mirage Plus Stroller

  “As first time parents, we were always concerned if we are choosing the right product for our angel. From selecting the hospital to the bathing tub, we wanted the best and the right one for our daughter.” I guess all parents go through a similar phase. There are so many products available in the market and we tend to get confused which one to choose and why. Apart from our own screening, it is always helpful if we get {Read More}

10 Tough Questions Kids Ask And How To Answer Them

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  Kids!! You can never know what’s going to come out of their mouths next! Being so adorably innocent, they tend to say exactly what they see or feel and they question anything and everything they don’t understand. The result can be hilarious but embarrassing as well! While every kid is different, we find that there are some common difficult questions that many kids ask. This is probably because kids ask them based on what they see happening around them {Read More}