Top 5 Brands of Organic Milk in India


Welcome to The Mom Views!! If you are new here, please do subscribe to our free newsletter! . Happy Parenting! “The cow is of the bovine ilk, One end is moo, the other milk” This was probably true when Ogden Nash was writing these lines, but today in India, there is a lot that happens between moo and milk!! The milk that is most commonly consumed by humans is cow’s milk. Among other cow milk benefits is its lowest fat content. {Read More}

6 Ways Health Is Fun With Sunfeast Farmlite


What comes into your mind the moment you hear “get healthy“!! I am sure, bland, tasteless diets,hours of excruciating exercises in the gym,watching calories and reading the nutrition facts on everything you eat, till your eyes get crossed. What if there were ways to get healthy without all the boring, taxing, annoying and soul sucking things that are usually dictated to us when we want to “get fit”? Well here are 6 completely fun, happy and awesome ways to stay {Read More}

15 Kitchen Essentials for Indian Moms

Kitchen essentials

We love our kitchens. We want them to be in the latest modular style with bright colors and the best quality fittings. Yet, we have a life outside of it and don’t want to spend all day slaving inside. Nothing is more frustrating when you’re in the middle of food preparation and you just can’t find the right tool for the task. Needless to say, finding a substitute takes up a lot of time and doesn’t do the job half {Read More}

How To Kill Lice In Kids | 5 Home Remedies For Lice


“Big I, Little i, What begins with I?            Ichabod is itchy, So am I.” If you and your kids have read Dr. Seuss’ ABC, it’s quite likely that both of you found Ichabod’s plight hilarious. But when your little munchkin begins itching herself, the situation is far from funny!! Head lice are extremely common, and its incidence may be more than you think. Apparently, about one in five kids catch head lice at any given {Read More}

Cyberbullying In India- Is Your Child A Target ?


A few weeks ago, I faced one of the hardest situations a parent can face, because my 5 year old daughter was being bullied at park. At first, it was difficult to accept that bullying could take place in such small kids. Then I could not understand how my universally liked, affable and charming daughter was being bullied by a particular child. As much as I wanted to intervene and sort this out, I could not. I had to let {Read More}

How To Teach Phonics- Top 10 Books For Phonics


It is a proud moment for every parent when their child learns to say the complete alphabet, all 26 letters of it!! And when your child learns to read on her own, the joy is simply unparalleled. But before she achieves that important milestone, she needs to understand the sounds of letters, and how they come together in words. This is where phonics, otherwise known as phonetics, comes in.  Most parents have likely heard of phonics and phonic sounds but {Read More}

How To Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time


How many screens do you have at your home? Between our televisions, iPads, smartphones and laptops we have 8! Of these, my daughter has access to three, a television, my iPad and very rarely my husband’s iPad. As digital parents, we are constantly trying to monitor and limit the usage of screens by our daughter, but a lot of times we fail. I am sure other households will have different numbers of the number of screens and how many of {Read More}

Five Tips To Monitor The Digital Footprint Of Your Kids


This is our second post in our series on Digital Parenting.  When did you start using the internet? If you are in your early 30s like me then probably in the late 90s. So you have been on the world wide web for roughly 15-20 years. So that’s how old your digital footprint is.  A digital footprint is similar to your fingerprint, it is a unique activity trail you leave online. If you have ever used the internet, you have {Read More}