5 Eye Care Tips For Kids


Welcome to The Mom Views!! If you are new here, please do subscribe to our free newsletter! . Happy Parenting!As a four year old, one thing I really wanted to do was to wear glasses. Both my parents wore them, and copycat that I was, I wanted to join them!! Of course they thought I was crazy, but it looked so grown up and important. A few years later, I got my wish and was blessed with glasses which have {Read More}

How to Make Ghee/Clarified Butter At Home

GheeClarified Butter

Whenever the conversation on phone is about to finish, my mother in law keeps reminding me. ”Make ghee at home for your baby. It’s highly nutritious and being home made, free from preservatives and additives too. You remember the procedure to make ghee right? I had told you last time too”. “Yes yes mommy let me see this weekend” I reply nodding and then I forget. But as a working mom I never had time to even think of it {Read More}

Indian Independence Day Special- DIY Painted Glass Jars


It’s been 67 years since India got her independence, but the celebrations haven’t dwindled one bit. In fact, with social media being so active these days, there’s a plethora of crafts and recipes with the Independence Day theme, which are great opportunities to get our kids involved. Today, we join the club too, with our brand new  India Independence Day – DIY Painted Glass Jars. This is a super fun and super easy craft for kids to do, and requires {Read More}

What Every Mom Must Know About Food Allergies in Kids


You and your family are in a seafood restaurant and you are excited because your child is going to experience his first taste of shellfish – which is your favorite food. But as soon as he swallowed the first morsel, your child shows signs of agitation. His skin is turning red, and his mouth is swelling. Oh no! What is happening? The answer is your child is allergic to shellfish. Along with dairy, eggs, soy, fish, tree nuts and wheat, {Read More}

Customized Party Supplies in India by Untumble


Remember we covered a DIY Minnie Party completely created by our very enterprising reader Dolly Rai?  So many of you wrote back to say how much you loved the party and that you really appreciated the efforts by Dolly. However, some of you also expressed how the pressures of work and home would never let you take the time required to research and create such customized party supplies. I know that not all of us have the time and resources {Read More}

5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding- World Breastfeeding Week


Remember when you were pregnant? You marvelled at how a tiny bunch of cells grew a heart and brain, arms and legs; and finally a fully formed baby arrived, who turned your life upside down!! Of all the amazing things that Nature does everyday, the Miracle of Life has got to be at the top of the list. What’s interesting is that this amazing phenomenon doesn’t end with the birth of your baby. The way a woman’s body changes to {Read More}

Free Coloring Pages for Indian Independence Day

PicMonkey Collage

15th August, the day of our independence is a moment of pride and glory for all of us. It’s the perfect time to remember the sacrifices made by our brave freedom fighters for giving us a free and sovereign nation. As a progressive country we are making strides in becoming a super power of the world but at the same time I feel that we are disconnecting from what freedom means. Our kids today take this freedom for granted and {Read More}

Mom’s Speak with Real Fruit Power- Tips for Picky Eaters


  HEALTHY IS HAPPY In this world where temptation in the form of junk food is all around us, it is difficult to eat healthy. It becomes even more difficult when you have a picky eater at home. I believe as a parent we should try to introduce our kids to all kinds of food and ensure that they have a balanced meal. It is a fact that picky eaters are made and not born. Sometimes we parents think it’s {Read More}