How To Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time


Welcome to The Mom Views!! If you are new here, please do subscribe to our free newsletter! . Happy Parenting!How many screens do you have at your home? Between our televisions, iPads, smartphones and laptops we have 8! Of these, my daughter has access to three, a television, my iPad and very rarely my husband’s iPad. As digital parents, we are constantly trying to monitor and limit the usage of screens by our daughter, but a lot of times we {Read More}

Five Tips To Monitor The Digital Footprint Of Your Kids


This is our second post in our series on Digital Parenting.  When did you start using the internet? If you are in your early 30s like me then probably in the late 90s. So you have been on the world wide web for roughly 15-20 years. So that’s how old your digital footprint is.  A digital footprint is similar to your fingerprint, it is a unique activity trail you leave online. If you have ever used the internet, you have {Read More}

10 Things About Breast Cancer Every Mom Should Know


October is considered Breast Cancer Awareness month, mainly with an aim to increase awareness – among women to get themselves checked, among pharmaceutical companies to invest in drugs for breast cancer and for the government to have more women-friendly policies.  If you think that it’s too much of a fuss being made for a seemingly rare illness, here are some facts. The WHO breast cancer statistics state that there are 4,58,000 deaths from breast cancer and 1.38 million new cases {Read More}

Digital Parenting With eKavach App

PicMonkey Collage

From today, we are starting a 4 post series on Digital Parenting & Internet Safety for kids. Subscribe to our updates to receive the series in your email. Today’s kids are digital kids, they are digital pros and most of them learn to operate a smartphone or a tablet before they can learn the alphabet. Our kids don’t know about life without internet and life without gadgets is something they will never know. However as parents it is our job {Read More}

Diwali Shopping With CherryTin


Diwali is synonymous with goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. We are one of the few countries in the world where money is openly venerated and celebrated. Apart from praying for money and abundance, there is also the practice of exchanging gifts with family and friends. This is a symbol of wishing abundance not just for ourselves but for our loved ones as well. I think in its core essence this is such a beautiful sentiment. However, it is not easy to {Read More}

5 Ways To Save Money On Diwali


 It’s raining sales and discounts everywhere! Every e-commerce site worth its salt is featuring special deals for Diwali and everyone seems to be in a buying frenzy! Although we have been conditioned to exhibit frugality by buying more when prices are low, this actually results in overspending. And no one wants to be left with empty pockets after Diwali!  So, here are 5 ways to not just avoid overspending, but to save money as well, this Diwali.   5 Ways {Read More}

10 Tips For An Eco Friendly Diwali

Eco-Friendly Diwali

A festival always brings about a buzz in the air, and no matter how busy we are, we always manage to make time to celebrate! This is an ideal time to bond with extended family members whom we don’t get to meet on a daily basis. It’s also a great time to renew ties with old friends and maybe make some new ones!   But along with these, festivals are also turning out to be a time for rampant consumerism {Read More}

Review Of Creative Bits Craft Kits For Kids


Dussehra vacations have started in some parts of the country and some kids like mine don’t have long vacations. (Sorry for sounding a bit happy about that!) But there is diwali vacation and then Christmas vacation on the horizon. One of the biggest worries of moms during most vacations is how to engage their kids without using TV or IPad as a babysitter. I came across a great solution thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Poornima of Her craft {Read More}