ADHD Awareness Month


Welcome to The Mom Views!! If you are new here, please do subscribe to our free newsletter! . Happy Parenting!ADHD refers to a behavioral disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD causes people to have very short attention spans and behave impulsively most of the time. In kids, this translates into being ‘jumpy’ all the time, an inability to sit still or focus on a single task long enough.     Why do we have an ADHD Awareness Month? September is {Read More}

Best 7 Videos About Motherhood


I am so glad that YouTube was invented otherwise how could we get such gems of beautiful and heartfelt emotions in the form of videos. Ever so often a video goes viral that touches our hearts, makes us teary eyed and leaves our hearts filled with love. Recently, a lot of people have been sharing Sharman Joshi’s tribute to mothers video, which is of course heavily inspired by the #WorldsToughestJob video. Don’t know what we are talking about? Here are {Read More}

Top 5 Family Movies to Watch in 2014

PicMonkey Collage

We’re into September and are nearing the last quarter of the year!! There’s no doubt that time seems to be flying and soon we’ll be looking back, taking stock of the year. But how would it feel to know that all we’ve done is work, work and work with no play at all? If that’s how the past months have been for you, don’t worry. With the holidays and festivals coming up, we’ve lined up the next slew of movie {Read More}

10 Ways Kids Can Learn To Tell Time


“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend” – Theophrastus Toddlers understand the concept of time in terms of their daily activities – after dinner, before my bath. But once your munchkin has started school, she understands the use of a clock and how people plan their day around it. This is probably when she starts asking about how to tell time from a watch. If she can count to 60, consider her ready!! If you’re wondering where {Read More}

Top 5 Posts About Motherhood

Motherhood posts

Motherhood is an often talked about topic on this blog and well it would be awkward if it was not, since this is a mommy blog and all. Through the years I have tried to capture my thoughts and experiences in various posts. A Mom’s life may look simple, routine and boring at the surface but every mom goes through a wondrous journey. Sometimes it is nice to take a look back and recall the past full of beautiful memories, {Read More}

How To Choose Glasses For Kids


In our previous post where we talked about EYE CARE TIPS FOR KIDS, we mentioned that by following those steps, you could safeguard your child’s natural eyesight and keep them away from spectacles as long as you can. However, in spite of your best efforts, your child might still need glasses. This isn’t your fault as some kids are genetically predisposed towards vision problems. So don’t blame yourself; just follow our tips to get the perfect pair of glasses for {Read More}

Being A Good Enough Mother


I was talking to another mommy recently and she was facebook chatting to me about baby led weaning.  On the other side of the smartphone I was virtually nodding away till I couldn’t pretend any more and I had to ask her, what exactly is baby led weaning? After a virtual pause at her end she very patiently explained it to me.  In case you are a brave soul to admit that you didn’t know that too, it means letting your {Read More}

5 Eye Care Tips For Kids


As a four year old, one thing I really wanted to do was to wear glasses. Both my parents wore them, and copycat that I was, I wanted to join them!! Of course they thought I was crazy, but it looked so grown up and important. A few years later, I got my wish and was blessed with glasses which have kept me company for more than two decades now!! However, as a parent, you might want to avoid glasses {Read More}