Free Christmas Printable- Bookmarks and Gift Tags

Bookmarks and Gift tags

Welcome to The Mom Views!! If you are new here, please do subscribe to our free newsletter! . Happy Parenting!So Christmas is just 4 days away! Wow time flies fast! I am sure all of you are on track with your Christmas shopping. It’s indeed a task to keep everyone’s preferences and choices in mind and buy gifts that they will cherish this Christmas and beyond. We also have two Christmas gifts for you that you will really like. One {Read More}

Dettol Multi Use Wipes Review and 20 Uses Of Wipes


I don’t know what moms used to do before baby wipes were invented. Seriously! When Sam was born I was introduced to my first packet of baby wipes and it was like finding the holy grail! Apart from the usual stuff baby wipes are meant for like wiping the baby’s bum after the pooping business, there are umpteen number of uses for wipes. Even though Sam is now almost six years old, we still have a steady stock of wipes {Read More}

HP Ink Advantage 3545 eAll-in-one printer -Review + Giveaway

Giveaway Featured

HP Ink Advantage printers changed my life about an year ago when I won an HP Ink Advantage printer at a bloggers’ meet. You see till then I had been grovelling along with a Laserjet printer of another brand which was super slow and the ink ran out if I dared to take more than 3 pages of color printouts. I had stayed away from deskjet printers thinking that the quality is not as good as laserjet printers but my {Read More}

Free Printable Letter To Santa


Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? With only 12 more days to go for Christmas, I am just loving all the yuletide celebrations and the festive cheer around me. However, I am way back on my Christmas shopping and the most important part of that shopping is Sam’s Christmas gifts!!! Sam totally believes in Santa Claus and probably the reason could be that for the first three years of her life her dad actually dressed like Santa and would hand {Read More}

10 Cute and Easy Christmas Recipes for Kids


Its Christmas time and you’re probably done with soaking your fruit and nuts for that rich dry fruit Xmas cake! There is something to be said for classic Christmas sweets recipes – they never fail to infuse a warm feeling in your heart and remind you of the golden days of childhood. However, if you’re feeling an itch to do something different this winter or have a kiddie Christmas party coming up, we’ve got something for you. Here’s a list {Read More}

Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner For Indian Moms


What’s cooking for Dinner? This is a question every mom is petrified to hear. Not because one has to cook the meal but because one has to think of what to cook. After all when this question needs to be answered about 3 times (substitute lunch/breakfast for dinner) a day and 7 times a week, all through the year,it’s natural to draw blank sometimes. Menu Planning Disaster The common scenario in our house was me racking my brains to think {Read More}

9 Tips To Buy Kids Furniture

kids furniture

If you’ve watched Toy Story, it’s quite likely that you loved Andy’s room! The blue sky wallpaper with white clouds, kid sized furniture and of course, loads of toys!!   Most of us wished for rooms like that as kids, and now when it comes to our own kids, we’d like to have the best available. But buying kids’ furniture is trickier than buying for adults, in no small measure due to the potential users! So before you go on a {Read More}

Top 5 Brands of Organic Milk in India


 “The cow is of the bovine ilk, One end is moo, the other milk” This was probably true when Ogden Nash was writing these lines, but today in India, there is a lot that happens between moo and milk!! The milk that is most commonly consumed by humans is cow’s milk. Among other cow milk benefits is its lowest fat content. Milk contains several nutrients essential for the body such as calcium, choline, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous, among others. These {Read More}